Problem with depth cut

So I’m having a problem with a depth cut. I have a piece of wood 2.250 tall and 1inch wide and I’m trying to put a slot 2 inchs deep. All settings are set at right depth start cut is set at 0 and I 0 the machine at the top of the 2.250 tall board. Problem is when I run the g code it wants to cut so deep it bottoms out the spindle. But if I set the depth at 1.750 I get a perfect 2 inch deep slot. Any tips? Thanks bob

Which Z-axis do you have? What have you configured the Z-axis for in Carbide Motion? If you set the origin at the spoilboard surface and lift up 2.25" up how does that compare to the thickness of the board?

Where are you setting zero? How much space above the stock surface is there?

What is the safety/retract height?

What is the length of the tool? How much stickout? upcut or downcut? Length of cutting flutes? Are you cutting a slot just as narrow as the endmill?

I will check tomorrow it will be more turds the afternoon we are expecting 12-18 inches of snow so I have to play snow bunny first.

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Lead screw look at picture that’s what I have. Have it set at z-plus leadscrew.
I set 0 with a piece of paper.
Set 0 off the waste board went up 2.250 and my pice is right on. My retract is .500.
Stick out is 2.0937
1 inch cut flutes
Tool Length 2.375 up cut
Slot size 3.750 x .6530

Is there 0.5" above the surface of your stock?

Do you have the Zero Height set in your file at the Bottom to match where you are physically setting things?

Is your machine mechanically sound? Are all the wiring extensions and connectors in good shape? Did the machine make an odd sound or fail to lift at any point when it should have?

I would suggest working up a very basic calibration file such as:

Sorry I have had lots of stuff going on I just now was able to mess with things.
So I ran the cnc with just a simple Oval .250 deep worked perfectly specs are perfect.
I have remade my whole project in the alibre software made all new toolpaths, the only thing that I changed was the depth of my holes from 2 inchs to 1.875 ran the part again and the same thing happened the spindle hit the part. The tool has been 0 off the top of the part with .005 Clearance. The tool is sticking out 2.125.

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