Production parts cradle or tray

Hi all, please forgive my new-ness, but I run a woodshop (sash & door) and we are only beginning with CNC tech. I am thinking of creating a tray or cradle for the first part that we would transition to cnc. This tray would be secured to the T-tracks in the Shapeoko, and probably hold 3 or 4 parts in channels carved into the bottom. It would feature some sort of vertical quick-clamp to secure these parts allowing quick, repeatable changes. In other words, something more oriented toward some degree of production work, rather than exclusively custom setups. I liked hanselcj’s ‘Vertical Clamp Joinery Jig’ Vertical Clamp Joinery Jig, but was looking for something that could hold multiple parts and wondered if anyone had similar jigs? Our tolerances on this are a comfortable 1/16" in any direction, so pretty sloppy since the part is decorative. Anyway, I thought this might safely help us learn how to integrate more of this automation in our shop! Any ideas?

Thank you!!!
Restoration Sash & Door

There are entire books written on fixturing:


Thank you, Will. I am new enough that I didn’t even know the correct term to use for this (‘Fixtures’)! I really appreciate you pointing me in the right direction.

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