Program in easel, need help with clean up

So I created a program in easel because it is very easy to make these signs in that program but I have ran in to a problem. Anything that “sits” on top of the E misses the final pass to clean it up. I think I have uploaded the program and a picture of what is happening. If you look at the 2 you can see that there is some stock left that should have been cleaned up 2 passes or so ago. Can anyone clean this file up for me? Is there an easy to follow tutorial on how to make these signs in CC? (562.6 KB)

Can you share the Easel project?
Looks like you might be losing steps there too.

I attached the roughing pass if thats what you were asking about for the project. If there is something else I can send upload please let me know and thanks for taking a look at this! Just a heads up the picture doesnt show the end product. I had ran this program 3 or 4 times before and noticed that it wasnt cutting where it should so i just stopped the program and took the picture.

Ensley_roughing (1).nc (476.7 KB)

@Gski191 In Easel: File --> Share --> Share with Link --> Save. Paste the link here.

Same section from design:

Looks to me like your issue might be more of a mechanical one. Your passes are shifted.

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Ok Ill look at whats happening while the program is cutting. Thank you.

Can Vetrics Vcarve do this type of sign easily? It is very challenging in CC.

Yes, Vectric Vcarve has specific support for this.

To do this in Carbide Create, at this time the most straight-forward thing is to have two set-ups:

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