Program zero is to far fight

Can anyone help me with this since the support staff at Carbide wont call me back. I have had this thing for a month and haven’t been able to cut a thing. First trouble getting the VFD. Then no collets. Then sent the wrong bit zero. Now its telling me that the prodject will hit the right side of the machine. The program zero is to far right. Never been more frustrated.

This is a warning as noted at:

and you need to coordinate where the origin is set in the file:

with where you are setting it relative to the stock and where the stock is placed relative to the structure of the machine:

When I get that error it means that I designed the file for XY in the center of the wood but set the XY at the corner.

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If you get this warning, and you have not yet set your zeros for your current project, then you can just ignore it.

Once you have set your zeros, if you get this warning then you need to investigate and figure out why the machine thinks it is going to move so far it will exceed its boundaries.