Project you are most proud of?

(Alex) #1

So I don’t see this topic yet, so here goes. Post just one picture of the project you are most proud of that had some aspect created with a carbide machine.

This flag I built for the owner of the bowling alley/bar in Rockford MI.

(William Adams) #2

Probably my cigar box toolkit:

need to get the balance of my tools arranged in a similar fashion (or revisit the whole thing and try something different — tempted to just take the easy way out and buy a Kennedy 526 and just be done with it)

(Nathaniel Klumb) #3

Hmm… project I am most proud of. If I take “project” to mean “ongoing saga of developing a process to create a particular type of CNC-created item”, I would call my ongoing thread about the process of making this and similar models, complete with all the twists and turns along the way, the project I’m most proud of. The thread: Easy (or at least straightforward) Terrain Relief Models

On the other hand, if I take “project” to mean creating one particular thing, an instance rather than a class, the latest result from my ongoing saga definitely wins that race. Even though it’s just made from a piece of 2x10, I would definitely have to say I’m most proud of this to-scale terrain relief model of Mount LeConte with engraved hiking trails, as it is the first physical piece I’ve made that actually lines up with the concept I had in mind while out on Bayou Fountain musing about buying a Shapeoko.


I’m planning to try out basically the same thing in baltic birch plywood, and if that works, having contour lines magically appear in the carve will likely make me even more happy with the result. On the other hand, this particular terrain relief model with engraved trails is the first usable result of a process that required learning lots of new things and included writing both a helpful QGIS plugin and python code to take a heightmap and paths from an SVG and turn them into engraving toolpaths, so yeah, maybe a bit proud of this one. :sunglasses:

(Chris buentello) #4

Right now probably the Jiu Jitsu sign i made for my gym out of MDF with multiple pocketing depths.