Question for T Track Geometry


I am trying to lay down some t-track in my wasteboard and I cut it too large. Assuming the track piece is 0.7 inches, I created a box the width of my board with a contour, pocket tool path. I wasn’t sure if the pocket cut would be an inside cut but using a 201 endmill it ended up being to large more like 0.85.

For a pocket cut does the end mill travel down the path outlined? How much of an allowance should I make for this endmill to get a more precise fit?


For calibration please see:

esp. note cutting a slot and measuring it to determine effective cutting diameter.

For the dimensions of the track see: T-track extrusion

This is an extra wasteboard that you are laying on top of the wasteboard that came with you shapeoko is that correct? If it is just cut the wasteboard to the widths you want between the t-tracks and screw them to the wasteboard that came with the shapeoko with the t-tracks wedged in between. If it is the one that came with the shapeoko I would suggest you using a different wasteboard. You also gain the extra depth doing it this way so you can surface the wasteboard a few more times.

Yes, it is an additional wasteboard that sits on top of the baseboard. I didn’t even think of a simple approach like this to just separate it into sections. Duh.

I guess I wanted to try to figure out how to use this fancy new tool to do it and was only focused on one way to do it.


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You will love how it works out. I did it and use the t-tracks to hold down large pieces. I use glue and tape most of the time to hold down most other pieces.

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