Random carvings from Mike

(Mike Price) #1

thought i would try to contribute to the forum since I’m here every day for inspiration. Just some random stuff.
this is a halftone v-carve in mdf of a 69 BOSS.
sealed and painted black then carved with a 60 deg V-bit.
its 18" tall and 24" wide, 3/4 thick.

(Tchad Rogers) #2

That looks great, nice work! What software did you use to convert the photo? I’ve tried the demo of PhotoVCarve but never bought it…

(Mike Price) #3

It was PhotoVCarve for the tool paths and VCarve Desktop to cut it.

(Mike Price) #4

Some red cedar boxes.

(Adam Albert) #5

Those boxes look nice, Mike. What did you finish them with?

(Mike Price) #6

Thanks, I wipe down with a thin coat of mineral oil then alternate platina shellac and blonde.

(Mike Price) #7

An arrow head display case in oak with acrylic front.

(Mike Price) #8

another oak one.

(Mike Price) #9

(mark robinson) #10

Beautiful work mike!

(Mike Price) #11

corn hole

(Mike Price) #12

(Mike Price) #13

(Mike Price) #14

(mark robinson) #15

Wow you been busy.They all look fantastic!

(Mike Price) #16

Thanks, though all of these are over the past 2 yrs.

(Jerry Gray) #17

Those are all really awesome. I tried the same kind of v carve in MDF. It came out terrible.
Thanks for the tips!

(Michael David Hiltner) #18

Damn that’s BADASS!

I have the registered version of VCarve Desk, is your PhotoVCarve the Trial version you used for the tool paths?

I have to agree with what others have said about their own experiences with working with photos. Your results are mind-blowing!

(Mike Price) #19

Thanks! It was a lot of trial and error. I have the full photo v carve. I use it more for litho than anything. Whenever I needed to put a word box in I would add it in photoshop and fill it with a color and use photo carve to ignore that color. Then bring that file into vCarve to make the tool paths. I started using the halftoner more lately. It does require windows so I run it on a virtual desktop on my Mac. Here are some more.

(Mike Price) #20

I finally got around to doing a sun stone. Made then into tables.