Random carvings from Mike

i use the 60 deg .25 inch whiteside. And on the post if its a 2 tone i usually just import the PVC file into V-Carve and use the post their. That way i can add words, frames ect.

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Yes, that’s it…

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Vectric Vcarve is a commercial program which ought to have its own documentation.

Moreover, there is a link: “installation instructions”: http://www.shapeoko.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=7329&p=57904

Totally embarrassing @WillAdams… Not too sure if I mentioned earlier, but I do own VCarve 9.0. Well, I just found out (by playing around in it), that Vectric has now included Shapeoko as a Post Processor in both Inches & mm (their PP files seem to be larger in size than the file location you directed me to), so I’ll just keep them put where they are for duty.

I’m most certain that they have also updated their versions PhotoVCarve as well. And if not, I can just COPY & PASTE mine from my VC9 to PVC (once purchased from them).

I think I have spent enough time on this topic for now at least. Of course one should ensure that their Shapeoko3 functions first before one should enter into to the Virtual World of 3D Carving (without a machine).

Oh well, lesson learnt today. I think I have it from here. Now to figure GIMP 2.10… (LOL)…

Some lake depth fun


Did a controller this weekend, still have a little bit left to do. Just waiting on the warranty to go out on my router to run the remote speed and light. And get the nerve to un solder the resistor to hook the E-Stop up to the machine. Its only hooked to the router now. Thanks to Tshulthise (Tony) for the great ideas and guides! Here is the guide i seen of his on this. Dewalt mod


2’x4’ inlay table of Grand Lake.



Very nice work!

If I may offer some small graphic design / typography suggestions:

  • don’t set scripts in all capitals — hard to read and not typically written thus
  • don’t artificially slant typefaces for which you don’t have the actual italic font
  • when setting numbers, check and see if the font offers old-style figures as an option

There’s a bit more at: https://wiki.shapeoko.com/index.php/Designing_for_Fabrication#Text


Beautiful! How did you proceed for the resin inlay ? I’m about to do something similar, and I will take any advice/tip.

Really like the boxes!

I’ll try to do a small write up on the inlay process I use after work today.

Was going to ask if the boxes were designed for anything in particular, then I saw the pot leaf… excellent :yum:

sorry i forgot that write up. I cut the lake part, traced in illustrator, then i sand and shellac the lake bed. Like 3 or 4 coats of shellac. Then i fill with epoxy and let set for about 3 days. then i put it back on the machine and level it. then cut the roads and what nots. Stain and shellac.

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Excellent, I’m on the right track then as I intended to do exactly the same. Did you get that crystal clear transparency of the epoxy just from the surfacing operation on the machine or did you do anything extra (polishing, chemical, … ?)

I had to sand it down to like 4k grit then i just shellac’d over the whole thing french polish style. I did use a blue dye in the epoxy to make it darker the deeper it is. The picture does no justice.

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What kind of wood is that Grand Lake map done on Mike! Gorgeous job!!!

Also, what’s that first box? Is it a rosewood or rosewood burl? Gorgeous also!

All beautiful work!

The Grand Lake table was a cheap glued up pine board. And that box if its the red one is aromatic ceder, i just got lucky on the grain.

I myself am a newbie and having some problems with smaller lettering.
Did you cut the scripture reference from Corinthians with the centered cross at the top with t**he 60 degree vbit?**
Seems like I have to experiment like crazy with every new bit I get to see the result i want. I am printing smaller stuff as I get going and am having trouble with the lettering less than 1/4 inch.
Your stuff is awesome, inspiring.

Also, since I just injured my back taking pic of the blood moon and can’t hike right now or do much activity, I can still fiddle with cnc routing which is great for me.

about me:
shapeoko 3 xxl, suckit, dewalt 611, precise bits collets ultraprecision.
vcarve desktop 9.5, windows 10
Ultimate goal to get back to guitar building with cnc to take some of the drudgery out.

Creality ender 3 3d printer coming soon.