Rapid Position and Bit Zero Question

Is there a way to set your own Rapid positions? I am using a PWNCNC square at the bottom left of my Pro XXL but the SW rapid position is just a few cm from matching the XY point when using the square. I don’t use the square for every cut but would be nice to have a Rapid position to go back to that spot and zero XY instead of having to rezero all 3 axis’s using BitZero. Which brings me to the next question, every time I use the Bitzero to probe all 3 axis it seems that the Z cuts a little too deep. It seems to be fine if I am just probing the Z and have the Bitzero sitting on the stock and not the corner.

Just thought of another question, I have not yet trammed or leveled my wasteboard and wanted some opinions. I flattened a pretty good size piece of oak last week and although you can see where the flattening bit made its passes you can not feel any ridges. I assume this means I am probably ok without tramming the spindle. Thoughts? Also, there are a couple of places on the wasteboard pieces that seem to be low. If I put a straight edge across the X there a couple of spots that I can barely slip a piece of paper under the straight edge.

The direction of the wood grain and the rotation and cutting edge of the bit will show a slight difference due to the grain if you don’t feel it it is good.


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For the SW corner, you can change its locations by modifying the travel dimensions in CM, under Settings.

To make your OWN locations, you could use User Actions. You can move your machine to the exact location you want, read the machine co-ordinates, then create a User Action to travel to that exact location.

I am not familiar with User Actions. Any guides around for that?

There’s a couple of examples here of moving to a specific location:

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