Rapid positions incorrect after pully & belt change

on my Shapeoko 3. Finished install new v pullies, new belts. Didn’t disturb any wires. Initialize went normal. Jogs normal. It will zero XYZ without a problem. Haven’t run a file just yet but… 6 of the 9 Rapid Postions have moved, 3 off the front of the machine.

W(west, C(center), E(east) have all shifted to front of the machine. SW, S, SE have all shifted OFF the front of the machine causing sever crashing. NW, N, NE are normal. Full disclosure, I don’t use rapid positions, but lets be honest this isn’t good.

Calibrate for belt stretch:

Thanks Will. I’m saying for instance when I’m at the North Rapid Position and select the Center, the machine bypasses Center and stops at the South Position. The machine won’t go to West/Center/East.

Check microsteppinh and which machine you configured for.

Must have had the configuration set to XXL. Changed to XL. Rapid Positions all restored now. Thanks Will…

This is a pretty basic question, but - could you have gotten the wrong maintenance kit? The S4 kit has larger pullies, which is consistent with the behaviour you are seeing.

EDIT - nevermind, the problem was something else.

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