Re-Center Workspace

Hi Everyone,

Is there a way to re-center projects quickly on the workspace and is there a layers tab where you can send layers back or forward?



To center the whole project, select all (CTRL-A), Group Vectors, Align β†’ Center align, then Ungroup.

The Layers tool (Hotkey: L) has an UP/DOWN tool to rearrange layers. Although there is really no Back or Forward. Vectors are not filled so one will not cover another. They all just display on the same plane.

There are the f and ctrl (or command) f keyboard shortcuts for re-setting the zoom and so forth.



As noted, there is a Layers palette which will allow controlling layers and the objects on them, but for a given layer, it’s object creation order, and newer objects will be superimposed on older ones and may need to be shifted out of the way to access the lower objects.


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