Re-working a design for a circular design

as requested on support…

Given a design:

which one wants to fit in-between the two circles:

w/ 5mm or so border we would need to:

​ - select one element of the design
​ - delete everything else
​ - reduce the size so that the remaining parts fit
​ - edit the elements so that they match the circle geometry at their new size
​ - use the Circular array tool to duplicate as necessary

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First, ungroup:

deselect one element:


Dupe and resize the outer circle to get the desired 5mm of spacing:

re-size to make things fit:

duplicate the circle and use Trim Vectors to make the outer design match:

and re-draw the design until it is symmetrical:

One concern is that the design must be rotated by a number of degrees which will evenly repeat around the circle — 6 degrees isn’t enough, 9 is too far, 7.5 degrees seems workable, but will require re-working the design a bit:

Duplicate elements as need and use Trim Vectors:

to get a set of vectors which can be used to re-create elements as needed.

Eventually one arrives at:

which one may use Circular Array to duplicate as needed:


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