Recommended bits for 3D carving

I’m looking for a good 3D carving solution. Right now I only have 1/8 and 1/16 ball nose bits I’ve been using ok results. I have seen some posts in FB with people using tapered bits and what not. I’m new to all this learning quickly as I’m love playing with my machine. I use Vcarve Pro and I’m guessing I’d have to manually add tapered bits to the tool inventory? Any help would be appreciated, thank you!


Hi @Miguel,

Definitely get a tapered bit, they are awesome for 3D carving.
I recently did a 3D project with CC Pro and a tapered endmill, it’s here if you need details.

This thing is, Carbide Create does not support tapered endmill geometry, but don’t let that stop you: in practice, declaring the bit as a small ballnose will work out just fine in the majority of cases. In that thread I referenced, I declared the tapered endmill as “1/32th ballnose”, because the radius of the tip of my tapered endmill was roughly 1/32". The preview in CC may not match reality in that situation, but it’s a minor inconvenience.

EDIT: sorry, I misread and you are using VCarve Pro, not CC Pro. I’m not quite sure whether VCarve models tapered endmill, someone here probably knows.

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Yes, you would need to go into the Vcarve tool database and either choose an existing ball nose or start from scratch. There is a drop down for “Tool Type” and in there is a choice for 'Tapered Ball Nose". Once that is chosen there is a field for “Side Angle (A)” and “Tip Radius ®” where you would input the taper of the bit and the radius of the ball.


I tried this one in with 2 finish passes at different angles.


It gave a very close finish.
It seems like a decent bit, maybe one of my fav’s…

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