Rectangle with rounded ends

I was trying to create the handles in the cutting board of attached image. I drew two circles and then attached lines from each side of a circle over to the other circle. Then I tried to do a Boolean union, but it did nothing. I tried all of the Boolean functions, but either the lines went away, or the circles went away. After about two hours of futsing with it, I used a forstner bit on my drill press. Is there an easy way draw these in CC?

Newer versions directly support rounding the ends of rectangles:

see: and

To do it with Boolean operations, see:


Thank you Will! I will get the latest version and also check out the tutorials.

Happy to be corrected here, but I believe the boolean operation requires closed vectors: i.e draw two circles with a rectangle between them and you should be able to achieve the correct result


Thank you Stuart! I will give it a try.

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Will - I downloaded version 402 and was able to do what I wanted! Thank you.

Stuart - I also tried your rectangle with circles and it worked perfect! Thank you as well!


Wins all round!

Carbide create has some so far, I use Vectric aspire and Solidworks mostly, but every time I fire up CC I’m impressed with the updates, go C3D