Remote key pad for jogging

Awesome, really looking forward to the results.

You’ve made me dig out an rpi and put it on my bench in anticipation… this will definitely be the catalyst that gets me to try cncjs.


It’s alive ! First step-jog using the pendant, connected to the Raspi running CNCJs, itself connected to the Shapeoko. Makes for a great geeky evening.

(just this bad and boring pic for now)

The step/smooth jogging logic is in the code (small turn triggers a step, continuous turn triggers smooth jogging, which stops as soon as the dial movement stops), I’ll add the $J magic tomorrow, and then address this mess of wires.

Also, with so many usable I/O pins left on the Raspi, and the ability to map ANY g-code to each of them, I can think of a few additional things I want to try (aaaand…just like that I just went deeper down the rabbit hole…)



I’ve got one of these but I use it for one of my Raspberry Pi’s. Hmmm.

I arrived at the same solution as @npross vis a vie the Leonardo Keyboard Emulator; wish CM had a shortcut for zeroing … or that CM could run on an RPi!

Anyway here is mine:

  • D-pad is X-Y
  • A/B is Z
  • Select is toggle jog step
  • Start would be an ideal “set work 0s”, sigh.

I can upload the Arduino sketch and how to if anyone is interested.


What is that? And how is it connected to the S3?

I’m interested. it’s awesome. Specially because I have a bout 15 to 20 of these, if you or any member need one, please let me know, you can have it for free.

@Julien Master, can you share this project in detail, please? Also where to get that unit with the jog and the emergency switch?

I found it along with similar ones and other bigger ones. Take a look here.

@ispot, for sure I’ll share all details once I have tested it. But to be honest, my version of this will likely remain kind of a hack/experiment, and nowhere near plug and play, as it involves adding a raspberry pi board to run the Gcode sender and manage the pendant. There are certainly easier options to jog the machine :slight_smile:

I went with the old school Sega controller, it works very well, very simple. All black. Enough buttons to map everything. And I used to play a lot of Sega back in the day… So it feels very familiar.

Sega Controller @ Amazon

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@Julien What do you think of something like this?

Well I would be careful, it is apparently designed to talk to a MACH3 controller so it may not be straightforward to reuse it for use with CM or CNCjs (I suspect it may not send regular key presses ? I don’t know). Honestly, If I were to only use buttons, I would rather buy one of those mini keyboards that are known to work for that use (since…they are only regular keyboards after all)

What I liked about the pendant with a jog dial is the “analog” feel of turning a wheel to control movement. Feels much more natural to me than pressing buttons. A ShuttleXpress is the closest, and would probably work out of the box, but it sounded too easy :slight_smile:

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I bought a shuttle pro and it works ok, but not great. I probably need to work on settings some more. Moving with buttons works fine, the center wheel not so much. Get a busy message a lot. Shapeoko board related, not pc. So, build your own is probably better. And for sure cheaper

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Did somebody used the stream deck ? Not the cheapest option but certainly one of the prettiest with customisable display buttons e.g.

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Dennis, check out this thread.
Carbide Motion DRO Pendant

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oyyyy thanks a lot


And we have smooth jogging with CNCjs and my pendant. Yay!
I am getting way too excited about just jogging :slight_smile:

I’ll clean-up the code and post it here soon (or probably in a separate post, with details on wiring for anyone interested, I have hijacked this one too much already)



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literally dialing it in!

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