Replacing bit numbers with custom names in motion

This may be difficult but I thought it would be a nice feature.

Can there be a way to name the numbered tools in motion?

So I’m fusion I can put in what ever tool number I want. The GRBL codes tell motion the tool number then motion displays at bit change what the new tool number is.

Is it possible to have the option to tell motion that” tool number one is a .1/4 down cut but. Or put the tool part number in ( I use amana bits). So that it displays what you want it to rather than just a number.

Bonus points if you can have it display a picture you relate to that bit.

I’m trying to make the machine as simple as possible for my wife to operate when I’m not home and she’s having issues. I even have a binder that includes what bit number is what bit and am struggling with her.


I think it could be a handy feature.
In the meantime could you make a tool holder with labels to help your wifes workflow? So that if she’s running one part, it prompts her for tool number x, and she has a drawer with that number easily shown?
A few different trays to look at here: Community challenge #1 , 2019-2020 edition

But thinking if you laid the tool out horizontally and had it labeled in the wood, she’d just be able to grab the tool. It does require her to place the tool back in its proper spot afterwards, but might be helpful anyways. That way instead of sorting through all the bits, she has a board/holder that has just what the computer will prompt her to load up.

I have thought about that. I work 11 hour shifts. And she has a vestibular disability that does not allow her to work.

Our goal is to get more items on an Etsy Store and use a handful of stock sizes for all Projects.

So if someone orders something she can pull the setup sheet, load the file and load the correct size material using cam clamps and a corner system and get the cnc part out of the way.

Then when I get home I can cut the tanks
And round over or what ever physical work needs to be done. Then she can paint/ finish the next day.

If it was a singular product the tray would work but it could be several different files in a day.

I have a rack at the moment that stores all the bits and thier numbers but they don’t always get put back in the correct place. I can blame her I’ve done it too.

So if I could make it a custom prompt where I can put in a bit description also it would be great. A picture of the bit would be amazing.

My numbering system is simple. All my amana bits are 1-30. And my non amana bits are 100-130. Keeps it simple as 99 percent of what she would be doing is with the amana bits. The rest I mainly use for prototyping and tool making where I have a greater chance of breaking a bit due to an un tested file.

I’m the meantime I have been working on a binder that that’s a setup sheet for each product.

  • color picture of the finished product and a description that matches Etsy.
  • the setup sheet from fusion
  • and a summary of bits and stock sizez and the order the bits are used in.

It would just be a lot easier to incorporate a check system into motion that lists a bit description and or part number that I can enter.


Since I seem to be getting likes from people at carbide here‘a my 2 cents.

Just have a settings screen with a list for but number and description and the ability to tag a picture to hat number. You can type in the bit number. Type in your description and tag the picture.

When GRBL calls for bit 1 instead of saying but 1 in the on screen print it loads the entered text and picture.

If there isn’t a custom description set up it defaults to the bit number.

This doesn’t seem too complicated to me but I’m just a grease monkey.

It’s not complicated. It’s just odd.

Carbide Create lets you edit a tool library.

All Carbide Motion needs to do is read it to find out what tools are called. If you don’t use Carbide Create, you can still use it to build a tool library for CM.

Carbide Create doesn’t use tool numbers anywhere.

Carbide Motion JUST uses tool numbers unless you have a C3D standard tool number.

But that does nothing for those of us who use other programs.

Carbide Motion should read what is in the comments — if other programs put in comments formatted the same as Carbide Create does those files should work as well.

Reminds me of this thread. Agreed the comments in the g-code are probably key for compatible information transfer from multiple CAM post processors

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