Resolved: Flexible hose for the Sweepy

Seriously the Rockler FlexiPort hose is well worth the money. It stretches easily but retracts back just as easily. I had a Rigid hose before and that thing did not stretch at all.



For anyone not familiar with using parameters for measurements in Fusion, most of the key measurements are in the parameters dialog which you get to from the Design / Solid workspace, MODIFY drop down, Change Parameters option.

I can’t promise that the design will stay correct for all changes but I tried…

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Here the threaded part I used to make my adapter:

The STEP file is up there so you can import it and make your own adaptor. You could even cut it down, just make sure to use a zip tie or something so it stays on.

Here is an example adapter I made that uses it:


I’m wondering if we should post these things on CutRocket so the parts library for people to choose from is in one place?

I probably will once I have finalized the designs. The threads work, but I may tweak them a bit more.

One thing to keep in mind with the Rockler FlexiPort line is that it does twist as it stretches. As such you want to include some swivel in the couplers. I learned that after I made the 1.5" adapter I posted. Ill be updating it once I add the swivel.

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There are no issues with the Rockler hose itself, it’s the distance between the outlet of the Sweepy and the inlet of the dust extraction in the ceiling of the enclosure being so close together that’s causing my problem.

It wasn’t my plan to use a shop vac as a dust collector, as I already have a low pressure, high volume system installed, and I’m struggling to get the two things connected within the limited space I’ve got. I might just pull it through a hole in the ceiling and connect it above, rather than try to connect it to a flange below it.

Of course the other issue is the narrow internal diameter of the Rockler hose, but if I remember my hydraulics training correctly, at least the velocity of the dust will increase!

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When I get a sec I will make a low profile adapter for the Sweepy. I can probably make it only 40mm taller than the Sweepy.

I think what I need is an adapter that fits (snugly) into the Sweepy port with a threaded end that fit’s the Rockler hose. Even better would be if the top of the threaded part is level with the top of the router, so the hose doesn’t get tangled and subject it to any ‘stress’.

@LiamN, I hope you realise you’ve made me look at 3D printers, now!

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Glad to help your retail therapy :wink:

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You’ll probably need to explain that to SWMBO!

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Merry Xmas

Should only stick up about 33mm above the top of the Sweepy.


Thank you, Santa :+1:

All I need now is a 3D printer… :joy: :wink:


If you were in the US I would offer to print and ship a set to you.

Thank you @CthulhuLabs, I appreciate the thought.

I’m still in a conundrum with extraction, but I’ve bitten the bullet and decided on super-flexible 50mm hose, which will plug directly into the dust extraction flange, and use an adapter at the Sweepy end . I might even go for a Sweepy 2, to maintain as large a diameter as possible.

The Rockler kit is going back to amazon :frowning:

You might check out this solution for low ceiling enclosures and hose link.

Watch the Video
Good Luck, Brad


Liam, printed these off last week and they are a perfect fit. Definitely saved me hours in Fusion 360.

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I use two inch clear shop vac hose from Amazon. Works great with the Sweepy 2.0. Super flexible and has a great stretch.

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