Rest machining in Advanced Vcarve

I do most everything with Advanced Vcarve. And also I like the way that rest machining is efficient in cleanly cutting away big areas with a big end mill (such as a 1/4"), while still allowing a tiny end mill (1/32") to work out the fine detail. But it currently is not an option when doing an Advanced Vcarve. It is possible to work around this with a bit of math and editing the Gcode. But this also tells me that it should not be much work to add it as a built-in feature.

This file shows current workaround which requires some calculation and Gcode editing:
Design is to be raised by 0.1 inch, so I duplicate the design on a new layer, but with an offset path, outside by 0.057 inch (0.1 divided by tangent of 60 degrees). Pocket operation with 1/4 end mill on this path, followed by rest machining with 1/32 end mill. Then an Advanced Vcarve operation on the original design, with 60 degree V and 1/32 end mill (I created a tool 999 called fake) for the pocket: that pocket section is edited out of the Gcode file before running. This should give best finish at the bottom of the pocket and fastest running time. V cutters don’t do a great job on the finish at the bottom of the pocket and the tiny end mill gives much better results.
beach2.c2d (1.8 MB)