Restarting where you left off - suggestion

I can understand why you can’t restart if stopped during a run, but, if you use tool change you should be able to restart at the last tool change. The machine and software know where things are and you are basically restarting from the origin.

Currently I have to go back to the CAD and delete the paths I’ve already done and generate a new g-code file. It would be nice if I could restart the original file and just skip to the next tool change.

If you are using CC you can just disable the previously cut toolpaths.

I get what you are saying though. If you have to stop after a toolpath has started and before it has finished, you’ll need to re-run the whole path, or create a new path from where you left off.

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@RichM is correct. If you are using a Carbide 3D machine you need only “disable” the completed toolpaths, save the file, reload the same file into Motion. It’s what makes the “Single File Format” change a huge positive for workflow.
You also can measure the depth of the partially cut feature to alter the starting depth of that particular toolpath.

Yes, being able to pick up from the last line of G-Code run would be convenient.

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Currently disabling the tool path requires going up stairs to my other laptop and changing the gcode file. Then I realize that I left the thumb drive downstairs so have to go back down to get it, go back up, copy the file, go back down, load the file…

I suppose I could save some steps if I just remembered the thumb drive on my first trip up. I had my laptops sharing on a local network, but every time Microsoft updates Windows, it breaks the share.

If they just had a button to skip to the next tool, it would save a whole lot of work.

If i have issues during a run, i’m doing the same thing as most, i’m opening the program back up (vcarve pro in my case) and just exporting the toolpaths i need to finish the file. One of the main reasons i have vectric installed on my laptop that runs the CNC, although i build all my programs at my CAD station up in the house.

I use Sugarsync to sync my CAD folder between the computers so everything is always up to date, no USB drive needed.

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You said “Other Laptop”, so I’m curious what machine you are using to run Motion that cannot run Create?

I too run my machine with a different laptop located upstairs from the machine. Using Dropbox, I shuttle files back and forth. It sounds like you don’t have an internet connection at the machine?

That is my problem with running my machine. I don’t have internet connection at the shop. I have to take my laptop home to do all on my designs, adjustments, and modifications before saving. Then I have to drive over to the shop and connect my computer to the machine and run the programs. I can’t even get service on my cell phone in my shop. I walk in and my phone loses connection and then I’m all alone there. Not a big deal about being alone, but connections suck.

I am going to buy a tablet or iPad to have permanently connected to my machine. Then I will move programs with flash drives back and forth.

An iPad won’t work, and a tablet will only work if it runs a supported OS, and there aren’t as many tablets running Windows as there used to be (I was unable to replace my Samsung Galaxy Book 12 w/ a tablet — had to get the convertible Book 3 Pro 360).

A Raspberry Pi 4 is a good option for the technically inclined:

So, would I be better to buy a smaller screen laptop then? I want to get what I can use on my machine, but don’t want to waste my money on something that won’t work on it. I am thinking about when I get the laptop as well, I will use one of my big monitors and connect it to the laptop and keep the laptop tucked away from everything and use my mouse and monitor to do everything.

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A small laptop, or maybe a small PC or something like an Intel Compute Stick perhaps?

Please don’t let my pickiness put you off on the idea of a Windows tablet — a small fanless (sealed) tablet makes a lot of sense — you might find a Surface Go workable for instance (I don’t, 'cause I have to have Wacom EMR).

I wrote a bit about the requirements/considerations/options at:

I use an old laptop to run my machine and it is on wired ethernet. If I load vcarve desktop on that laptop, I would have two different copies of the source file. I spent decades writing diagnostic software, understand source control, and shudder when I consider I would have two different sources with only the date and time to differentiate them.

Carbide Motion could be more efficient, IMHO it has too many popup windows and I find myself going back and forth between my remote keypad and the laptop keypad. If fact I raised an earlier request to have more keyboard short cuts that could be handled by a remote keypad.

I am not complaining, for the price it does a wonderful job. I’m merely suggesting what I think would be improvements.

I am also starting to have issues with the USB ports getting worn and have taken measures to fix that. So yes, I’d like to do less trips and less regeneration of files. I have to regenerate enough files to just cover my mistakes. lol


and the thread:

We are glad to have feature suggestions and constructive criticism.

Wow, thanks, I’ll start using this on my next project!

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