Reviving Old Standard S3 Frame

Hey folks. I originally got a 2015 Machine and recently upgraded it to an XXL. I have a project I’m about to get going that’s going to take up a lot of time on my XXL (read weeks). So while I was milling prototypes I looked over at the pile of parts that is my original S3 and I figured that 2 machines is better than one.

So I was just wondering if anyone has gotten the bits and bobs together to remake their upgraded S3. I figured the hardest bits will be the Y Axis plates. I could have those cut from the fusion 360 model of the S3 that’s floating around. For X/Z axis I’m thinking of grabbing an HDZ. This leads me to belt clips… I’m guessing I’m also going to need to get those made as a one-off? Has anyone gone down this route before?

Or should I just skip all of that and look at doing a Rail/Screw conversion? :grin::grin::grin:


How about some 3D printed belt tensioners like the ones NeilFerreri made?

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I’m not sure what you have / don’t have, but this recent thread may be of interest ?

A rail/screw conversion is very tempting (it takes all my willpower to resist the urge…) but it’s also a fairly long upgrade, that will turn out to be a project by itself, which will only delay your long project further :slight_smile:

If you’re the kind of user eyeing a rail/screw conversion, then the HDZ is (obviously) definitely something to consider indeed…

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