Router replacement

What are my options for a router replacement for my shapeoko pro xxl ?

A Makita RT0701 is a drop-in replacement (if the cord is long enough for your usage).

There’s an optional mount for a DeWalt DWP611:

and you could mount pretty much anything else if you’re willing to make a custom mount.

I put a Mafell FM 1000 WS on my XL:

For z+plus you want to seat the router all the way down. The z-plus does not have the z height of Shapeoko 3 belt and hdz. The Dewalt has a longer body over the Makita and C3D router giving more z reach. The MakitaC3D has a lower speed over the Dewalt.

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The Makita router also share the same collets as the C3D router, I don’t believe the DeWalt does.

Dewalt has different collets. The Dewalt has a 2 stage release. First it loosens and second it pulls the collet down releasing it and the bit. The makita/c3d release the collet and gravity or the spring action of the collet releases the bit. A few people have had the makita/c3d collet stick in the router shaft, a few gentle taps on the collet nut usually releases the bit, gentle taps not beating.

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