Router speed setting

How do you figure the speed setting on the router ?

Which router do you have? Or are you asking based on cutter & material what speed you should be cutting?

It is the carbide compact router. To determine what the speed wheel number represents.

There is a list of the dial settings in the manual, also at:

1, 10k
1.5, 12k
2, 14k
2.5, 16k
3, 18k
3.5, 20.5
4, 23k
4.5, 25k
5, 27k
5.5, 29.5k
6, 32k

Took a piece of MDF scrap and carved the info on it.

Thank you everyone. I appreciate it.

Is there another version of this for the 4 and 4 pro?

Not really, the dial settings are the same, and the feeds and speeds should work on a 4 or a Pro — folks who want greater material removal rates should use the feeds and speeds in Carbide Create as a starting point and work up their own.

Extensive discussion at:



Thanks, I forgot about the numbers in carbide create, I’ll have to look there. My pro comes tomorrow according to ups, so I had better fire up CC and work on some kind of test pattern for myself. With the toddler helping it should only take me 8+ hours to assemble.

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