S03 XL and XXL: Shipping Updates

Hi All,

I decided to close the old thread (it was about shipments beginning) and create a new thread about the current shipping status. The old thread was 135 replies long and getting a bit unwieldy. We’ll start fresh with this one.

XL Full Kit - Current Status
All domestic orders through 4/18 have been shipped! For all orders after 4/18, we’re still looking at the anticipated 2-3 week lead time. We’ll have a better idea about this later in the week, but I think we’ll resume shipping these again next week.

XL Upgrades
All of these should be shipped Friday!

XXL Full Kit - Current Status
All domestic orders through 3/22 have been shipped. All orders from 3/23 - 4/22 will ship this Friday (4/29). All orders after 4/22 will be subject to the current 2-3 week lead time.

XXL Upgrades
We’ll begin shipping these next week. We will not make it through all of the upgrade orders, but we should get a good start. However we’re anticipating these to all be shipped by the following week (5/6).

International Orders
Just to re-iterate the previous post: once we have complete kits (still waiting on limit switches) we’ll begin shipping the international orders.

Limit Switches
We should have an estimated date for the limit switches in the next day or two. I’ll be sure to update this thread when we have some more information.

Drag Chain Brackets (and hardware)
These will ship today!



Thanks for the updates.

Will that be for ALL of us who are still owed a bracket/fastener kit? Or are you going to wait and group these with the limit switch kits that are still owed?

Thank you


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@CraigTheFabricator We shipped out everyone’s drag chain brackets (and hardware) today. Also, if you were missing feet, those shipped with your brackets.

We also shipped the limit switch mounting hardware! But not the harnesses…

We do however have a little info on the limit switches - We will have them in about 3 weeks. I know that’s a long time to wait considering a lot of you waited for your machines, but right now it’s the best we can do. If we happen to get them in sooner, we’ll of course ship them out ASAP. I’ll try to keep everyone posted on the progress as we move along. Even if it’s just ‘still on schedule’ - that way we’re on all on the same page.


@edwardrford Can you provide an update for the shipping status?


Shipping update - We had a little mixup on Friday with FedEx. labels generated, boxes ready to go. No pickup.

We’ve talked to our rep today and everything is on track to be picked up around 3pm.

It was pretty disappointing to come in yesterday and find the pallets of machines still full.

So - tracking numbers are not showing any activity right now because well… there is no activity. But, once they get scanned during the pickup, you should begin to see some movement.


@edwardrford Thanks for the updates.

Good to hear and Thank you for the update as well.

Did the drag chain brackets ship to everyone who had previously received shipments? I haven’t seen anything yet.

Shipping Update - all of the packages that should have been picked up Friday have now been scanned and picked up. I’m sure tracking should show some movement now (or very soon).

Drag Chain brackets - We still have a few more to ship, they will go out tomorrow with expedited service.


Regarding limit switches. … you can still operate the machine without them so don’t let not having them discourage you.

For the XXL it’s actually better to not use them until Carbide Motion is updated to allow faster rapids during jogging. I’m enjoying my XXL very much.

@edwardrford Will you ship any XXL upgrade this week?

Hi All,

We are going to begin shipping the XXL upgrade kits this week. We’re hoping to get a couple out on Friday and Monday. Unfortunately, then we’ll be waiting on the wider end plates to arrive before we can continue shipping.

We should have an expected delivery date by the end of the day tomorrow. But as of right now we are estimating these wont be delivered until Next Friday, which means we probably can’t continue shipping until the following monday (5/16).

I will keep everyone posted on this.


@edwardrford Thanks for the update.

Hi @edwardrford ! I was wondering how everything is going considering the international orders?
I am really looking forward to receiving the machine!
I feel a bit impatient but at the same time calm because I understand you want to have all the parts before shipping the international orders.

Also, has the packaging strategy been refined (More padding etc?) so that this will not be an issue with the new shipments? Would be really bad if the shipping company destroyed the machine on the way! They dont take as much care as we would like… :confounded:

Really looking forward to using the new Shapeoko!

Thank you,

I am sure hope Edward had quadruple the padding. I had just witness last week the UPS guy drop my package from waist high on to my front door. Kaboom! :rage: I sure hope the FedEX guy is a little bit gentler. Also I might just go to pick it up at the FedEx store so that it will have one less drop.

Hi All,

I’m as anxious as anyone to get these kits shipped out and our backlog whittled down so we can begin shipping same day / next day like with the standard kits. Makes life a lot easier for everyone!

Although the number of cracked wasteboards is relatively low, we’re in the process of redesigning the box and internal packaging. Having packed so many of them, there were some things we wanted to change, from a operations standpoint and to definitely add more protection in the corners. We’re looking at utilizing ‘L’ shaped foam pieces to pad the corners of the boxes and have a lot of confidence this will prevent future shipments from being damaged.

Limit switches - we should have a firm ETA tomorrow for these. once they’re en route we’ll start pre-planning a schedule to get them all shipped out as soon as possible.

Drag chain brackets - everyone who ordered and has received a machine should either have drag chain brackets, or have a tracking number for their brackets!


Is it standard practice at Carbide3D to to send a tracking number to your customers by email? I am beyond the 3 weeks lead time and still have not received anything.

I haven’t received my drag chain brackets. Are they all supposed to have shipped?

Any updates regarding the XXL expansion packs shipping?