S5P Vcarve pro and gsender help

I want to start by saying I am not the smartest when it comes to technical computer jargon. Ive used Create and motion for about 6 months now and just recently set up a new shop to improve workflow. With the new Shop I wanted to step up my cnc game and get into 3D carving and also have the freedom to manually use my cnc. So I want to use Vcarve pro and gsender, however I now see all these things about Vcarve not compatible with bit setter, but it will if I download some guys link? Also gsender looks very easy to use but I don’t know how to set up my machine. People say you just hit connect and it knows what machine your using, but when I did that my limit switches were not working in manual mode. And if that doesn’t work I don’t trust that anything in gsender is configured correctly for my machine. I tried looking everything up on the internet but people are using all kinds of crazy terms that mean nothing to me, I cant seem to find just simple step by step instructions in plan English. I know I can go into some gsender tabs and change parameters but even that isn’t straight forward and I don’t trust myself changing things.

I know there are some very smart people on this forum, maybe you know of some link that explains everything. Or would someone with knowledge of both Vcarve pro and gsender be willing to jump on a discord call with me and help explain the set up of both software’s.

I don’t know about gSender, haven’t tried it yet. But Vcarve (pro or not) both work fine with Carbide Motion and support the Bitsetter and BitRunner etc… as long as you pick the right post Processor. The built in Carbide 3D one works fine but there is another thread posted today by @Allen44 with an improved version that gives better status update messages.

The post processor already available in the Vectric Software will work just fine. In the 5a user guide it indicates this: “The GPP program is intended to work with Profile and Pocket toolpaths only. The words “Profile” or “Pocket” must appear in the toolpath name the user enters in the Vectric toolpath dialog toolpath name field when generating a new toolpath (note: Vectric software defaults to starting thetoolpath name with the appropriate word normally).” Therefore it would seem that the pp already available in Vectric would be most appropriate for 3d carving. That said, I haven’t tried 5a and I don’t have an automatic tool changer on my proxxl.

I have not tried 5A either. @Allen44 would have to speak to that.

The supplied Carbide Motion ATC post processor name is a little misleading. It may support an automatic tool changer, but it definitely supports the more normal workflow with the bitsetter. So, you change the tool manually, but it automatically brings the spindle forward, asks for the change, measures the bit and resumes.

Thanks, thats what i was confused on. I didn’t understand how vcarve wouldn’t acknowledge when a tool change was needed. Was it just a ATC issue? I dont have ATC so I shouldn’t need to worry about a different workflow, I just need to learn how to use Vcarve for designing my projects.

So if I understand your correctly vcarve will work almost identicaly to carbide create. It will pause when it needs a tool change and then use the bit setter before proceeding with the cutting.

And when you mention 5a, is that just a version of a manual?

Yes, when using that Carbide Motion ATC post processor the output from Vectric to CM will behave the same as CC to CM. Although it moves to the “home” position before starting the router on your first tool path and then I think stays in the change position when starting the router on subsequent positions.

5A is a reference to the customized post processor linked above in this thread that @Allen44 created for better statusing. I have not looked at it and don’t know if it really has toolpath limitations or expects a single path per tool.

There are plenty of guys using gSender that could chime in as to why they prefer it to CM. The thing I most often hear is flexibility but I have not ventured into that world yet.

Version 5A post processor is an enhanced version of the Vectric default built-in version 4 post processor for Carbide Motion with increased STATUS display functionality.

GPP, Gcode Pass Parcer, is a Windows based standalone program that adds tool pass information to Profile and Pocket toolpath gcode files generated by the 5A post processor for display on the STATUS line in Carbide Motion.

Two totally separate things. Hope that helps with the misinterpretation above.



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