Sag file conversion

what program fo you guys use to convert pictures and line art files (jpeg, jpg) to svg format? I’m trying Inkscape but I must be doing something wrong because Carbide Create gives me error messages when I try to import them.

Are you tracing the image in inkscape? You have to delete the original image before you save.

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I use Inkscape a lot to convert line art into SVG. I open the file in Inkscape and highlight the picture. Then under the Path menu choose Trace Bitmap. There are controls to bring up contrast or change other parameters and you can get a preview. Then Save As Plain SVG. You can save as Inkscape svg but the default for the Inkscape SVG is 72 DPI and Plain SVG is 96 DPI which in CC 96 DPI is prefered.

Carbide Create has an image tracing option:

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