Sale: Shapeoko XXL plus extras, Pittsburgh

It’s finally time for me to sell my Shapeoko. I needed to be able to cut 48 inches square & with no plans on the horizon for anything larger than the XXL, I switched to a modified WorkBee 1515.

The machine was purchased & put to use in November 2018. I’ve had zero issues with it - it worked perfectly right out of the gate.

Common mods / accessories included:

  • The Beaver HDZ upgrade with proximity limit switches (original Z parts will be included).
  • The BitZero touch probe
  • New steel-core belts are included (not installed; the original belts are still installed & working fine).

Additional minor custom modifications:

  • The gantry end plates have been flipped to increase cutting area.

  • Custom heavy duty mounting brackets for the Suckit dust boot (Suckit not included… I’m using that on my new machine).

  • A modified electronics enclosure with hookups for feed hold and the IOT relay should you choose to use one.

I’m also including the work table that the machine sat on; it’s made from (2) metal workbenches and will knock down easily for transport.

Price is $2100. I’m about 30 minutes east of Pittsburgh, PA. It’s currently in storage but i’ll set it up so you can see it run. Aside from a router, you’d have everything you need to be up and running.

I also have some other things… an extra IOT relay, some end mills I don’t use & miscellaneous other things that I’ll let go if you’re interested. And I might be able to provide a computer… maybe not the best, but enough to get you up and running.

Message if interested!


Still available? I’m in Dayton (maybe 4 hours from you), but just ordered a shapeoko.xxl last night. I can try to cancel my order and come check yours out.

Yes, still available.

I’ve contacted carbide to see if I can cancel my order… I’ll let you know. What town are you actual in?

Where did you get your bench setup … I like it

Walmart! See:

These are out of stock but any similar workbench would work. These were great because they were so cheap at the time.

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I just want to give some feedback on Brian. He has been extremely helpful and nice to deal with. I bought his Shapeoko and got it back home and installed. Very happy to start this new learning adventure. Thank you Brian!


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