Saved file on flash drive and now it’s different

So I saved a file on a flash drive and I re-opened it on that computer and it was the same as it was when I saved it. But then when I brought it to my shop to cut it and open the file on a different computer it’s a mess now.?

That looks like your shop computer doesn’t have the same fonts as you design computer.


To see how to address this:

Two possible problems:

  • Fonts available on one computer but not the other.
  • The DPI of your displays is different, so the Screen Scaling settings are different. CC renders fonts differently at different screen scaling settings. BUG - Windows screen scaling & font rendering

If you don’t need to edit the text, use ‘Convert to Curves’. This will make everything into vectors, which will render properly no matter what fonts are available.

Oh, I’ll try that curves idea. I bet that will work for now until I can figure out the fonts because that seems really complex for my skill set.

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