Saved Preset Zero/ Stock Sizes

For batching out repeatable products, it would be handy to be able to save some zeroing settings.

For example, say one of your stock pieces is 18x18x3/4 that you use and you make a few of those from duplicate stock, you do another project with another basic size and change your zero for that project, later, you get an order for more products cut from your 18x18x3/4. With a preset tab, you could just place your sheet down and tell it that its the old preset by selecting the named preset and save the time jogging around and resetting what was a good setup the first time. This would make repeatable cut quality much higher as it would necer be slightly offset from previous runs.

Alternatively, if a person had a squared corner fastened down like what comes in the hold down kit or a similar one home made, you could set that as a basis stock reference and make it a zero that would be manually set when it gets placed by the user. Then, when the user places a board down that can just punch in the dimensions for the size of its x and y and the machine would auto mark center zero. The user could then verify the piece is truly squared to the machine and it would save time jogging to that point because the machine can just rapid to it and more quickly touch down to the piece to verify zeros.

Maybe over engineering the idea, but the thought comes to mind whenever I go to remake a product for another customer.

You could save the positions in Custom Actions, then all you have to do is invoke the Custom action to move there, then bang the set zero button.


You mean like with pretyping the gcode for that zero?
I haven’t explored too much with custom action and manual gcode entering yet.

There are a few example Quick Actions that move to a particular spot (in machine co-ordinates). You can just edit one of those once you have the position you want.

  • Jog / set the machine to the zero you want.
  • Switch CM to Machine Co-ordinates. On the Jog screen, click the ‘Position’ text to switch between Work and Machine co-ordinates.
  • Write down the X/Y machine co-ordinates.
  • Create a new Quick Action
  • The first example here moves to a fixed position, just replace with your machine co-ordinates.
    Quick Actions for Carbide Motion

There may be a way to directly set the X/Y zeros, I haven’t explored that.


Hey! That’s awesome! Thanks for the info! Necer pieced that together for some reason.


G90 G21
G53 G00 Z-3
G53 G00 X-420 Y-350
G10 L20 P1 X0 Y0    <-----

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