Scrolling the screen on Carbide Create

I’m struggling to move around and zoom into certain areas. When I zoom in, I can’t seem to scroll left/right or up/down, so I just end up having to reset the view to standard. Usually there is scroll bar on the bottom and right and I can’t seem to find anything l like that. Surely there must be a way to scroll around.

Thanks in advance for anyone that can help.


Drag/pane by right-click dragging.

Zooming in/out with the scroll wheel or pinch/zoom gestures is centered on the cursor/center of the gesture.


Thank you Will - that solved my problem - thanks so much!!!

The scrolling thing in CM is a bit counter-intuitive (at least to me!)

This is going to sound weird: If you’ve zoomed in to the bottom left of the image and want to zoom back in to the top left, for example, zoom out from the bottom left.

Of course, the ‘f’ key will reset the view, too :smile:

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