Sending Gcode Wirelessly

OK, so I didn’t want to let @Julien to have all of the fun chasing rabbits down holes, but I didn’t think this would be much of one, so…I was just running my SO3 via bluetooth via one of those cheap HC-06 modules that I use all the time with my students.
It was actually pretty simple.
Quick version (need to sleep):
I configured the module, using an Arduino Uno and a software serial sketch, to use a baudrate of 115200. I had also previously changed the name of the module, so it would be easily recognizable when connecting. This configuration could be done with a USB-TTL Serial adapter using something like PuTTY.
The commands I sent:

Next I connected it to the SO3. Just to the left of the stepper connections are breakout pins for the serial connections. Top to bottom the pins are (GND, GND, 5V, RX, TX, Reset). They are labeled “Serial_Programmer” or something on my v2.2 board. I wired the GND and 5V pins on the Carbide board to the corresponding pins on the HC-06. The Rx goes to Tx and vice versa.

I made sure my device (I used a Win10 Tablet and my Android phone) was paired with the SO3XL bluetooth device. The pairing code, by default, is 1234 (that can be changed via AT commands, but experience tells me that I will forget it if I change it). On my Windows Tablet (a $59 Acer from Walmart, years ago), I found that the device adds two serial ports. I opened CNCjs (this would not work in Motion as @WillAdams mentioned) , guessed the first of the two new ports, and connected! You know the connection to the HC-06 happens when the blinking LED goes solid. One weird thing, I had to click reset in CNCjs before the response from the board came through. My guess is that the HC-06 has no way of resetting the board on connection. After that, in controlled as normal. I ran a brief, no cut job without issue.
Curious, I checked the Google Play store, and sure enough there are some grbl controller apps. I tried one, it connected and jogged and would allow loading of gcode from my phone, but I didn’t really like the layout. Still cool. I may look for another to try.

Anyway, I’ll probably never use my SO3 over bluetooth. That Acer tablet is always connected and always plugged in. I do have a little drawing machine I built that will probably get this treatment.