Senior Citizens Club

You’ll never make money doing things for free, Jeff!

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Wait, you guys are getting paid?!


Isn’t everyone? Sheesh, there I go, opening my mouth again!

:grin: It is all downhill for me Peter. I am retired and in my 7th decade. I don’t have much need of cash since my house is paid for, my kids are grown and I only have to please myself.

I tend to keep my pockets empty in the hope that I can run faster than the rim groper. :skull: It’s worked up until now at any rate. If I am needed, I will be in the workshop/pub. :factory::beer:

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Are We? That’s news to me: smile:


I also am in my 7th decade with house paid for, not much need for cash and the kids grown. I like your comment about keeping your pockets empty with the hope of running faster than the grim reaper :slight_smile:

With no experience in the CNC world I purchased the machine to challenge myself. I probably got lucky in that the Shapeoko XL came with the 9 mm belts, Z-Plus and proximity switches. All the upgrades that came after the initial release. I have added a few accessories (bitzero, bitsetter, e-stop and pause / feed) and feel I have all the machine I will need as a hobbyist.

I am not in the market for the Pro version but sometimes feel left in the dust of history with my ‘old’ system.

Thanks for your post.

Just another old guy wandering through the mists of time.



I love the machine for the nostalgia it induces in me. When mechanical things were simple to understand and life was a whole lot easier. I could only accommodate the smallest model but am challenging myself with 3D carving and now 3D graphic generation. V carving is also something I am immersed in right now.

My retirement was forced upon me last March and I did not want to fill my days with sitting looking at four walls. :smile:

Indeed! I like that… just wandering through the mists of time. I use my CNC time to listen to old rock bands, jazz and blues. Heady days eh?

A little off topic but I’m in my 7th decade as well and I’ve turned a thousand bowls since moving to Florida. I give most away as I retired and don’t want a hobby that needs income. I’ll quit before I sell one bowl.
I also got the CNC to challenge myself and not sure who’s winning the challenge yet. I do keep trying though.
I also have v1 and it scares me now and then as I have to get the brain in gear all the time. Hope I don’t run out of gears.


Hi Phillip. Welcome to the club. :smile: I would have loved a lathe but my tiny shed floor is already groaning under the couple hundred kilograms of weight and I have no more space anyway.

Hmmm… :thinking: we have the beginnings of a seniors club here.
Nice to meet you.


Looks like there are more than a few of us in our 7th decade!

You’re right, Jeff, we should start a Senior’s Club, :rofl:

Sign me up!


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I’m 73, thus I guess, I am in my eighth decade.

Still with all 10 fingers.


Hey ho! Could be arranged. Who wants to handle the negotiations for the usual 25% club discount? :rofl:


Club logo? :grin:



One for the management… Sorry hun, have to go… it is that boring old farts senior CNC club again. I wont be long… a couple of months or so… don’t wait up for me. :grin:


Is this thread exclusively for Carbide(AA)RP members?

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No, anyone over 70 can join in. :grin:

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Guess I’ll go back in the barrel to age a bit more :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Heck, we have a whippersnapper infiltrating the group. Come back when you are 70 son. :grin:

I have aspirations to retire from corporate America and cut chips all day. Does that allow you to make an exception to the age policy???

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