Setting starting depth of vcarve in Carbide Create

Hello everyone, I just ordered my XXL this week, and it gets here on Friday. I am so excited to jump in!

I am trying to put together some design projects in order to get my feet wet with the CC software, and so I have something to make once I get the machine assembled.

One thing I can’t seem to figure out is, how can I set the starting depth for vcarving? As you can see from the screenshot, I have a bar in the middle of the design, which is inset by .25". I am trying to vcarve some lettering onto that bar, but I don’t see the option to set a starting depth like I do with contour cuts. I am also trying to vcarve some details onto the globe itself, which is inset by .5".

Am I missing something obvious here? Seems likely :slight_smile:

I think you’ll have to do the pockets and the v-carve as separate jobs. So, you’ll cut the pockets first, switch out the bits, zero your machine to the top of the bar, and then run the v-carve as a second job.

Edit (didn’t see the second question): You’re also going to run into trouble v-carving the details on the globe (which would be a third job, I guess). Depending on the diameter of your vee bit, you won’t be able to carve anything closer than half the diameter of the bit.

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Oh okay, so just reset the z-axis to the depth I need. I had sort of figured this would be what I needed to do. And it’s something that I can’t simulate in CC, so I have to make extra sure I get everything set just right :slight_smile:

As for the globe details, I figure I’ll have to offset the tool path away from the middle piece. Thank you for the reminder! I wonder if a tapered bit might be better for these kinds of details?

Yeah, if you get one of those steeply tapered v-bits, you’ll be able to get closer, but there are trade-offs when it comes to what your finished v-carve will look like and how deep the bit will go into the wood.

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As noted, Carbide Create doesn’t have an option for setting the starting depth. See:

for a work-around