Shapeoko 3 and a 2.2kw Monster Spindle

What are incorrect ER collets?

The Shapeoko 2.2kw journey is now complete!

Upgrades now include:

  • 2.2kw spinde with modified mount
  • Water cooled system with 4l capacity
  • Pot added to VFD
  • Additional springs added to the Z axis
  • Extra large enclosure (for the Z height
  • Heavy duty gas lifts
  • Extra large kill switch
  • Various upgrades to enclosure
  • Better LED lighting
  • Carbide 3D probe

The next upgrade will lily be a Z axis upgrade and have the speed controlled through the program (I think I’ve cracked it)



Left out a comma. Edited.

Luke when you get this done would you post some instructions on the process as well as costs and parts list. I am sure there are several of us interested in doing a similar upgrade.



Looks great, fun watching and learning from your work.


I like to do similar upgrade , if I need info. you can help me sir ?.
I love you’re upgrade .
Thank you , to show us !.

This may help:

@Bonch - I will start writing up a shopping list for people. It was fairly slight forward - other than basic wiring skills and drilling some holes in metal it was almost bolt on - I only modified the spindle mount as I wanted it to be more aesthetically pleasing…

@JoseD3 - happy to help where I can

@WillAdams - unfortunately at present I’m not using my PWM/GND pin to control the spindle. My understanding is a VFD requires has 2 functions, but at present the GBRL board only has one suitable output. You can turn the spindle on/off with the relay as you describe (after the unit has been turned on) - however you only require a 10v relay (no need for a 240v one). Alternatively you can use PWM to control the speed, but not both at the same time - i.e. turn spindle on and a certain speed and thats because the on/off function and the speed are two separate functions. Now if you tell me there is another pin is this can be used to trigger a relay to start the spindle then you could use the PWM to set the speed. I know in Mach 3 this is possible, but you need 3 outputs/inputs to achieve this.

PWM - variable pulse that can correlate to spindle speed.
On/Off - to control a relay - to turn on/off the motor - usually D12.
Ground - to ground

On my tests last week the PWM did not turn the spindle on then control the speed. Although I have a few things to try tomorrow.

I haven’t wired my spindle up to automatically start and set speed as I don’t know which is more important to me. The on/off function or the speed setting… all be it mine is ready to wire up to either and should only take 5-10 min to modify… happy to listen to your wisdom mind, I’m sure you know more than me.


Mini update, I have connected the PWM and ground pin to the VFD and got speed control working - however it requires manual on/off through the front panel or a switch. I had a thought how this could be achieved through a relay - but I don’t have any relays that are low enough voltage. I’m going to try one tomorrow. If I can achieve a on/off through the relay I will be able to turn the spindle on/off, control the speed and also turn on the water pump all through one control :smiley:

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Dear Luke and all followers who want to do this “unfortunate” upgrade!
As far as I can determine, Luke is an adventures man? If one wants to have more powerful spindle, one should build or buy appropriate machine with correctly design frame, rails, transmission components, etc.
The 2.2 KW spindle is not a “monster” spindle by any means, perhaps it is for my Nomad machine.
Why not to buy a 9 KW spindle for example?
The design of Shapeoko is great as is! I wish you all to have creative designs and happy cutting on your CNC. Do not waste time and money for such upgrade.

If you really want more powerful machine and need an advice please send me a private email. One such CNC is being built for me, for my hobby, right now and to my specification. It will have 2.2 KW spindle and the total weight (including rotary axis) about 200 kg. The makers call it “mini” CNC range.

You should be able to pull two leads off the PWM pin. Pull one to your VFD which (should) be able to interpret PWM signals and translate them to speeds. You could take the second lead off PWM to a small relay to turn the ~+5VDC into an on/off function for the VFD. Shoot me the manual to your VFD (if you have it) and I’ll have a look at what’s possible.

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That’s exactly what I’m looking to do (pwm is already hooked up and controlling speed) but the relay needs to trigger the run switch - pwm will only trigger when this is on and you can’t short it as if you do the spindle turns on straight away.

What inputs can your VFD take and what sort of signal is it looking for on them? Shoot me the model of your VFD and I’ll see if I can tinker something out.

Thanks Adam, it’s a HY02D243B, manual attached. I’m fairly confident I can get it working with a relay - I just need a new power power one, once voltage is shorted between DCM and For it turns the spindle on and the PWM controls the speed - the issue you is you have to trigger that button/pins

s-l1600VFD Instructions.pdf (726.2 KB)

I believe you’ll need to buffer/decouple the line to the relay, with either a ttl driver gate or a transistor, 2n222? That way you don’t dog the Pam when your fire the relay to power the spindle.

By the way, really love following your journey…


It’s possible I’m missing something but…

If I’m understanding right, you can control your VFD with the PWM signal coming from the grbl board, right? And the spindle on/off control is accomplished with a short of FOR to DCM/COM, right?

If both of the above are true, then you can absolutely run a second relay, fired off the 5VDC from the PWM pin and use it to close continuity between dcm and for.

PWM to VI on VFD
I turn the VFD on first time for the day, hit the green go button one time and the rest of the day it is all controlled by C.M.
Hope this helps Ray

@Adam_Xett That’s exactly my current plan I’m just waiting on a new low voltage relay.

@fiero1 - thanks that is my current setup

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Great minds!
Where’d you source the new springs for the Z plate?

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:smiley: - I tried using the 240v relay I have and whilst the PWM triggers it the current is so small. I ordered a mini 5v solid state relay but it won’t come till tomorrow.

Amazon for the springs, they aren’t perfect but I doubled up - and put them inside the existing springs. Here’s a pic.

I’m waiting on some new springs from china but for the time being these are almost weight neutral

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