Shapeoko 3 and a 2.2kw Monster Spindle

(Luke) #1

So after loosing my head and buying a 2.2kw spindle I thought I’d setup a thread as a write up for the install.

I took delivery today but thats about it. I thought I’d do a quick video of what it looks like, it’s a MONSTER! 5kg + a 1kg mount… Heres first impressions.


It's been a while
Instructions for fitting a 2.2kw (or other power spindle) and VFD
(Steve) #2

Very interested in seeing the performance once you get it set up. Whats the max collet size?


(Luke) #3

13mm or 1/2 inch. I ordered a set of 15 collets for £15. This was one of the main reasons for upgrading, I struggle to get imperial bits over here. I should also be able to run it at a slower speed and it’s meant to be quieter.

I should be doing a first fit tomorrow


(Adam X) #4

Very eagerly watching this… I’ve hovered over the Buy button on a 1.5kW spindle and vfd on ebay a number of times, but bailed because of concerns around the increased weight wearing or damaging the acetal v-wheels.

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(ray) #5

I would order some z-axis belts.

When I installed my 2.2 KW spindle it took only a week to break mine.

It was worn and the added weight just did it in.

The new one shows no ill signs, knock on wood.


(Jude Marleau) #6

Just wondering, in picture I “starred” the 2 bolt heads that stick out from the from of the z plate, is the back side of this monster mount recessed so these bolt heads don’t interfere with attaching this mount to the plate?

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(Luke) #7

No but I have a cunning plan. I’m going to mill an adapter plate that allows me to mount the spindle mount over them and I’m going to use the 4 standard mounting holes as to not mess with my Z plate. I was going to recess the mount but unfortunately I think it is too deep to fit under the z axis…


(Luke) #8

So a little update. The clamp had had a seeing to today. I figured I’d like it to look a little better than cast aluminium so took a angle grinder to it, then a belt sander, then coated in it VHT paint and fitted it. Fairly straight forward - I drilled 4 mounting holes inline with the Z plate then drilled some larger hols to accommodate the screws @grumpa points out.

Now I’ve taken the weight down from 1.1kg to under 1kg.

Interestingly the C3D mount weights 432g.

I have also wired up and made my pump and water tank housing.

I have wired up my VFD, but I’m having an issue - @fiero1 - I have all the wires correct but can’t work out how to change the speed. Can you advise how you manually do it? I’ve watched the Chinese video a number of times but I can’t follow it. Also what pin does your PWM and Gnd pin go to for automatic control.

Ontop of this I now need to grow my enclosure - which is a bit of a pain but not unexpected…


(Dan Nelson) #9

This looks pretty cool Luke!

Normally I’m a little resistant to adding these spindles to the SO3 because I feel the Dewalt with SuperPID is a really good match in size, weight, noise and rpm control(I can pull 5000-30,000 RPMs and dust collection and cutting noise are louder). However the idea of using a wide range of collets is pretty cool and something I hadn’t thought of before. I honestly haven’t done much research into these spindles, but do you know if they make something slightly smaller(like Dewalt size) that still allow the wide range of collets?




(Luke) #10

I think if you have the super PID you are ok, but the standard dewalt always seems too fast, I always ran mine on 1.

I wanted to go to a super PID but the cost approaches this setup when import tax etc is added. That said there have been some additional such as a new enclosure, new wire and a water enclosure which I hadn’t considered.

I’ve worked out the speed settings now and it seems to be done by frequency, which is interesting and I’m not sure why. That said at 24000 rpm (not that I plan on using it that fast) it is very quiet. I think a 1.5kw spindle (probably better suited) will do up to 10mm collet with a er16 fitment


(Dan Nelson) #11

Yup, the SuperPID setup isn’t cheap, and it’s still a “kit” in some ways once you have it. I already had the Dewalt though, so the cost offset wasn’t too bad. I’m actually looking at doing a Z-axis upgrade as well though, which would give a few more inches of Z-height and theoretically have a little more “oomph!” to lift a heavier spindle. That still leave the X/Y belts and particularly the V-Wheels as the weak link in the system. Curious to see how your machine handles the extra weight, still following :smiley:


(ray) #12

glad its going well, so are you all hooked up and running well?
I use V-carve pro and went through and set my tool library up as I want it.
When I send my program to CM, Vcarve has speed commands in the Gcode. When CM runs the code it turns on and
goes to what ever RPM I set in the tool library. Hope this helps.

Look for a m3s??? line of code in your job at the beginning, that is the line you want.

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(ray) #13

Also, did you change the $30 value?

It needs to be set to 24000 RPM.


(Luke) #14

@fiero1 I have the spindle wired but don’t know which connections to hook my boards pwm and ground to on the spindle control - I have some ideas but have not confirmed yet. Which connections on your vfd did you use?

@DanoInTx the weakest component is certainly the springs, but I have a new set coming today which I hope will improve this. Currently if you turn off the machine the spindle drops.


(Dan Nelson) #15

Hadn’t even thought about the springs, but yep if you can get the balancing act right between springs and weight that will take a load off the stepper/belt for sure. Cool stuff!



(Luke) #16

So todays update, quite a chunky one as I have now spent almost 2 full days in the shop.

The first piece of news, I have a new enclosure - I headed over to the local DIY store today and bought some more ply - unfortunately the only part of my original enclosure that survived was the base panel - all the rest had to be changed. I had to change the enclosure as if I stuck with the current one the spindle was going to hit it. At the same time I made some minor improvements but the additional height is nice!

I now almost have a working setup, I added a potentiometer to the VFD and now have simple control over the spindle speed - none of this frequency jazz - details of what the POT has to be hooked up to is in the video, but it’s essentially these pins:

  • 10v - 3 pin on pot
  • VI -2 pin on pot
  • ACM- pin 1 on pot

I haven’t got the automatic start working, I tried hooking up my current setup with the PWM and ground pin with no joy. Apparently it should feed right into DCM and REV, nut I can’t get the spindle to start using this method. I’m not sure, but I think I might need a relay between these pins which my board triggers - @fiero1 can you confirm?

Water tank is up and running - it just needs connecting to the spindle.

I’m very close to being ready to run a job - even without the auto start, although I do want to do this.

I’m waiting on my collets, new gas lifts, more springs (the ones I bought were rubbish), and some sealing tape - only a few of those will stop me running a job.


(Luke) #17

I’ve died and gone to heaven…

0.5 all the way up to 13mm of mill end choice…

I quickly looked and it looks like a 1/8 and 1/4 mill bit fit within these - they appear loose initially but seem tight when all done up


(William Adams) #18

Correct, ER collets have a rather wide range of clamping diameters.


(Luke) #19

The question is, now they are here what should I try my first cuts on…

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(Luke) #20

I’m loving this spindle! I did a video but then got a call part way through which cut it out. It’s dead quiet.

Anyway a couple of bits in on wood, nothing strenuous but I didn’t need to sand anything off.

Hour and a half and my coolant was about 38deg

Also, made a er20 collet holder with tapered holes.