Shapeoko 3 enclosure

Hi! I just received my shapeoko and before I start making wood chips I thought I would build an enclosure. To this I will connect my home-made cyclone separator and a separate control panel to control the milling machine, lighting and vacuum cleaner.

I have also decided to dedicate an old computer to run carbide motion, to this I will use a capacitive touchscreen. It will primarily be used to start the project and minor adjustments.

So far I have come:


Touchscreen to use with Carbide Motion.


My first version of my home-made cyclone separator. The next version will be made of polycarbonate instead of acrylic.

I’m thinking about the layout of the door. I think it will be double layer acrylic with an air gap that I mount on the box with neodymium magnets. The inside of the box will be covered with sound absorbing insulation.


Polycarbonate is softer and tends to scratch/cloud more easily than acrylic, though it can be bent without cracking more easily.

PETG might be a good alternative, I think that is what ClearVue cyclones are using.

I like your Bosch drill press, I wish they sold those in the U.S.

I also like your enclosure, the extra height will be helpful.

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It does not matter if the cyclone separator gets scratched as long as it does not crack :slight_smile:
The Bosch pillar drill works really well, very affordable. I have equipped the base with a machine table for smaller milling works, highly recommended!

I have come to the conclusion that I need a wireless way of adjusting the position of the milling machine. I have seen different variants of wireless keyboards, but I have not decided for which to choose.


Being able to move the machine seamlessly with an analog joystick where speed depends on the movement of the thumb stick would have been perfect, but I do not think carbide motion supports this.

Cheapo “from coutch control your home-media-center” solutions is not very good in my experience, but maybe that will have to do… At least for now.

A numeric keypad will work — there are buttons for it:

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