Shapeoko 3 temperature tolerance

Hi All,
Not sure if I overlooked this somewhere, but being in Texas, temperature is an issue. I have lost a couple of electronics because of the garage. I have hugely increased the ventilation so it is now close to outside temp. So far 95 deg. I would love to bring inside but not sure that is an option. So question is " what are the safe operating temperatures and what are the Temps to stay away from?" Thank you

Hi @Hardworkingman81,

From my experience, the hardware will not suffer from the temperature alone, even in Texas.
Technically speaking, Will provided a few number in this thread.
We even saw the story of a Shapeoko abandoned in a backyard in AZ and that was restored to full functional state, so this tells me the HW is solid.

The bigger concern can be humidity or lack thereof.
Very low humidity can induce static and therefore EMI issues, so a good grounding will help.
Very high humidity can have a bad effect on the MDF wasteboard.

Other than this, it pretty much only boils down to just double checking belt tension when the machine has undergone major temperature variations.


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That is wonderful news… really humidity is my biggest problem. I have tons of grounding connected and the back-up. Might eventually get a dehumidifier then. Thank you so much

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