ShapeOKO 3XL base board drawing

Does anyone have a detailed drawing of the standard ShapeOKO 3XL base board which shows dimensions, hole positions etc?
Looking at a mod to improve stiffness, reduce bounce/droop etc.

This is for the xxl but the xl just uses one half the xxl uses this split in 2 that is why the
middle has 2 sets of screws close together

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I have a Fusion model I think. If you’re interested, I’ll upload.

They are all at:


@neilferreri Neil - yes please to a F360 model, saves me creating one

@WillAdams Will, thank you. I did take a search around but didn’t find these.

I also have one (for an SO3 XXL) which contains the baseboard braces I added so you can see one example.

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Here’s the 3XL…buried in my supplemental wasteboard file.

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