Shapeoko 3XXL enclosures

Good afternoon everyone ! I’m going to build a enclosure for my Shapeoko 3XXL. How tall would you recommend building it. I’m considering 24” however I am worried it’s not tall enough. Thanks for your help. Jim

I don’t think 24 “will work especially if you stand in front with the door open.

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Thanks that is what I was thinking too. How tall do you suggest?

Mine is 39" high and I find it perfect that way (no risk of head bump)


Do either of you see any issues with using mdf / melamine? I was thinking it would be easy to clean up dust and help reduce noise?

I used MDF for all panels/walls on mine. The underlying structure has oak feet and an MDF torsion box for the table.

There are much better solutions to absorb noise (the forums has many threads about this) but it does a reasonable job of making the noise bearable for extended periods of time, that’s enough for me.

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I designed mine at 30" because that used a full sheet of plexiglass for the doors & ceiling. (30 + 30 + 36 = 96 (8 ft))
Now I wish I would have gone a little taller because I keep bumping my head on the entrance.
I’m pretty used to it now, but again wish I would have went taller.

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If you’re not planning on moving it, go as tall as you can.


I will try to post a pic of my enclosure if I can figure out how

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Thank you all! My bench is mobile sort of. However I think the bench is about 36" tall. Enclosure I want to make it pretty tall as well I guess. Have been trying to figure out who’s design I like best. I have seen a few. Also considering future with the possibility to have a couple of these systems. I can put the 2nd one next to it however.

Question: Should the electronics be moved outside the enclosure and if so, do you have to make extension cables for the box or just move it out as best you can?

IE: move it off the frame and onto the outside of the enclosure?

Don’t have an enclosure.

But here are my thoughts. Every connection you create is a potential point of failure. Have not noticed anyone else doing that.

Good Luck

Certainly have seen no one mention it for sure. Just seems like IF it can be done without having to use any ext. cables, it would keep the dust and heat away from the controller.

Agree, would not want to use ext. cables.

Many have done this. It will protect it from dust and make access easier. Just make sure you correctly use quality connectors and it should be fine.