Shapeoko 4 not found in Carbide Create

Just got the Shapeoko 4 xxl set up and I’m looking to do the pen test but when I open Carbide Create there isn’t a listing for the 4 under the machine tab, it only goes up to version 3. I also don’t see an update option in the help tab. I’m running build 520. Also, is there a shapeoko 4 thread somewhere that has any start-up info, I got nothing with the machine, I’ve been using Winston’s assembly video as a reference, they said there wouldn’t be any printed material, but i figured there would be at least a website or a dedicated thread?

Carbide Create no longer uses the machine selection drop down — it used to limit stock size and provide information for calculating chipload, but stock size is unlimited now, and feeds and speeds are from a curated list.

CC530 was just released:

Kind of mystified why you’re in Carbide Create though — it’s not required for doing “Hello World”:

If there’s something specific to your SO4 which you wish to discuss, please make a thread — otherwise, it should be much the same as an SO3 (but more rigid, w/ the ability to take heavier cuts and remove more material, and a bit larger) or a Pro (but not quite as rigid nor able to take as heavy a cut or remove as much material, but the same size, and lacking a BitSetter).

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I was playing in CC just to learn and figured I’d do my own “Hello World”.
so i shouldn’t bother inputting anything in the Job Setup tab under machine? but still input materials, retract height and units?

Cool, for then pen work:

Copied from

G1Z-0.254 F1524.0 
G1X40.860 Y104.856 F5080.0


  • Plunge: 1524mm/min.
  • Feed: 5080mm/min.
  • Depth: -0.254mm

Yes, just so.

thanks!! it was a success , now I need to Tram, square and flatten the waste board

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