Shapeoko 4 sounds like a jack hammer

Hey everyone! I posted not to long ago and resolved that issue but now I have a bigger one on my hands, I started up the machine, set everything up in carbide motion & the machine was homing everything was perfect than boom out of nowhere it sounds like a jack hammer, I looked everywhere for any obstructions or anything in general that could be causing it and I don’t see anything out of the ordinary , any ideas would be greatly appreciated thanks.

Video : 20211227_195617.mp4 - Google Drive

Update: I further investigated and its happening on my X & Y belts. When pushed by hand its like the belt is catching on something and doesn’t roll smooth, I cant see anything that could be causing it, if I move it slowly by hand its glides fine but with any decent speed it catches on to something and slows down, weird.

Please make a video which shows this problem and send it in to and we’ll do our best to sort this out with you.

Not sure what the initial issue is, however if you manually move the the unit other then slow, the Stepper Motors will create electricity and power the controller which basically puts on the electronic brakes, then the power fades and releases, that can make a kind of jack hammering. It will move smooth if you move it slowly and kick if you move it quickly.
As for the original issue I don’t know. I could not load the video.
Hope you get it figured out :slight_smile:

Hard to tell cause it is too close to the home position, but either the X or Y homing movement isn’t stopping so the belt is slipping around the motor pulley, creating that jack hammer noise. As noted above the jerking when moving is from the motors regen current back to the control board, it is recommended not to move them fast as it has the potential damage the board.

Try moving the gantry (slowly) away from the corner with different distances (as X and Y home at the same time) and try to re-home. The direction to reach the end and not stop (making that noise) is the problem area. You’ll want to check the proximity sensor is triggering (lights up) when end of travel is reached and Carbide Motion sees that signal - somewhere in the settings it shows the sensor state for each axis.

Hi Peter,

This is the exact same noise I faced when I first tried initializing the machine while the Y limit trigger wasn’t working. I believe the instruction manuals that were probably shipped with your machine missed the installation of the trigger on the printed manual.

Will posted an updated version of the manual here: Black Friday deals - Y Axis Limit Trigger, where does it go? - #2 by WillAdams

If you have a random bag with a Y limit trigger that’s not installed, I’m guessing that could be the case. If not, make sure that your Y trigger is properly working (can test with something metallic against the trigger and it should light up red).

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