Shapeoko 4 XL Wasteboard hole pattern

I am looking for a file to cut the holes in replacement slats for the wasteboard. the slats are 23.625 in long 2.875 in wide and .75 in thick.

I will probably just make a plywood template on the CNC based of the current ones, then drill them on the drill press using the template as the guide.

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I drew up the XXL ones here:

It should be pretty straight-forward to adapt that file to an XL.

Heres the file to make new slats for the Pro XL.
Just disable the tool path for cutting and leave the one for drilling holes
You can modify as needed

62f3a0cdbd9c1_62f68c5591604 Original.c2d (84 KB)


here is a VCarve Desktop file to cut the holes. contact me and I will send it to you. it would not let me upload the file.

You can upload the file by zipping it first.

here is the vcarve file to drill the holes
shapeoko 4 XL wasteboard hole (21.4 KB)

Thanks for the file! I modified to only be a single slat since I have a table saw, the holes worked perfectly. Now I can forget the sins of my first two years with the machine :rofl:

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Glad it worked out for you

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