Shapeoko 5 Pro Bitsetter wiring

I’ve been working through a Bitsetter issue with support but they are taking a long time to respond. Their last response said the wiring to the back of the front panel was incorrect but wouldn’t give me the correct orientation so I could cobble something together while they were sending me new parts.
What I’m getting is the Bitsetter has a red led on all the time and the green only when pushed.The machine will initialize and then try to push the end mill through the table when it gets to the Bitsetter so that tells me the controller isn’t getting the signal from the Bitsetter. I’ve checked the extension cable and I have continuity all the way back to the controller.

Does anyone have a picture of the correct wiring orientation for the connector on the back of the front right panel?

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Rather than have you rework things (which requires specialty tooling to unmake and remake connections), we are sending you:

replacement shapeoko 5 pro 4x4 (Front plate, front plate ext)

For what it’s worth, on the part of the wire that connects to the back of the plate from the controller I simply flipped the connector on it and it fixed the same issue you are having for me on my 5 Pro.

wound up being the main wiring harness.

This is the same problem that I’m having with my new Shapeoko 5 Pro.

Let us know at and we will do our best to get this sorted out.

Have them start with the main harness. Being on the receiving end of a parts cannon to get this fixed was frustrating.

We had a video call with support yesterday and we’re working through the issue. I couldn’t ask for better customer support!

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