Shapeoko 5 pro won't function properly when i hook up carbide motion to it

My Shapeoko 5 pro turns on but when i set it up to the computer software Carbide motion it moves the router to the right back side and then makes noise like its trying to move but won’t move.

Did you send the machine configuration?


if you continue to have difficulties, let us know at

If this is a new machine the initialization failing is common. As @WillAdams start with the configuration. However if the machine is hitting the mechanical stops in the back right corner you will likely need to adjust the proximity switch/switches. If the switch does not trigger it will continue to drive so it can trigger. So if the thing is in the back right corner then power off and try moving the proximity switches closer to get them to trigger. The proximity switch should not physically touch the triggering points but should be very close.

During initialization the first thing that happens is the router goes up and trips the proximity switch for the Z. If that passes then the gantry starts moving to the back right corner and the X and Y proximity switches are tripped in no particular order. Which ever X or Y gets there first it trips and stops and if all are successful after the triggering of the switch all 3 positions move off of the trigger point a few MM. This is called pull off. So send the configuration and try to initialize. If it fails then try to adjust your proximity switches. If that dont work then contact support for help.

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