Shapeoko 5 Problems So Far

Back right is the traditional origin point for machines, chosen as a point of safety so that positive movements in machine coordinates will always be away from the user — an important consideration for manually operated machines.

While our machines are seldom operated in manual mode, with MDI and Quick Actions and jogging there is some interaction along those lines, so being in accord with tradition is best.


To me the how the company responds to the issues is more important and Carbide’s customer service ha been outstanding to me over the last year.

i second that

i just bought the shapeoko pro (so not even a first iteration) with vfd, and i’m happy i ran into so few problems, but still, there were a few.

do i care? not one bit.
c3d you made a great product as far as i’m concerned.

i was warned for a possible loose screw in the stepper/belt pulley connection of the Z axis… because i watched a lot of youtube before i bought… or i read it somewhere in the forum, can’t even remember…
and yes, it was loose.
maybe i should have flown off the handle and complain, but i just tightened it.

And I didn’t plug the 110V vfd into my european 220V mains either…

i asked first and i got an answer… disappointing that i had to spend more to buy a stepdown transformer, well yeah, a little… i hope they put red letters on the website with HEY WATCH OUT THIS SPINDLE IS 110V… i’ll wait and see :slight_smile:

Just knowing about a warranty in place if something went terribly wrong was enough for me. I have about two more weeks left to break things, great to know.

Also not all the pictures in the build manual were up to date, but hey guys, these products seem to be evolving, how cool is that.

and yes, i liked lego when i was young


Plus, having the machine basically move through most of the extent of its motion range is an indicator that the machine is good to go.

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@tonytee Well said. Lots of people nowadays are fast to complain and slow to praise.

I’m currently waiting for the shipping notification on my 5 Pro + VFD and have my 220v => 110v stepdown transformer ready. I agree it should have been in big red writing about being 110v “only”, and I only found out after ordering, but the choice of a transformer or cancelling was a no brainer.

Just wondering about the power consumption on a 220v circuit now. Hopefully not too long to wait.

Building the work table this weekend…

C’mon C3D, please ship my unit! :wink:


I’ve been super duper happy with the 5. Just adding my thoughts to this “problems so far” thread. I’ve learned a lot from other peoples’ problems frankly.

Yes Carbide has been great. Of course there will be a SO6 down the road so I imagine they want to iterate on anything that could be more perfect.

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