Shapeoko 5 Problems So Far

Am I the only one who didn’t receive an assembly manual? Am I the only one without a wiring harness going from the the front rite gantry panel holding the light, bitsetter plugin and bit zero plugin?

Am I the only one without these holes threaded?

Does bitsetter come with packaged with 2 bolts that bottom out leaving it flop around?

I have a fire extinguisher ready when I plug this thing in.

Please let us know about these difficulties at and we will do our best to assist.

I didn’t receive a Manual, I ended up just referring back to the assembly video and after a little digging found the PDF for the Manual. Pretty sure mine was threaded and the Bit Setter bolts tightened down. No issue with the Right side wiring harness either.

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I did not receive a manual, but I was emailed a very well put together PDF with assembly instructions a few days prior to shipment to study. There’s also a good video to reference against the directions if something doesn’t seem clear.

As for the wires, I received a mysterious FedEx Next Day package several days prior to the machine’s delivery. After my machine was put together the bit setter wasn’t functioning properly. After some wire tracing, it looks like the wires were placed in the connectors backwards. The mysterious package was the replacement cables that worked correctly after install. My only suggestion with that is maybe they should send an email or include a paper in the package explaining what they’re for and why, as I forgot about them in my office and it took me about an hour wondering what I did wrong before I remembered them.

Email the support guys, they’re awesome and if someone forgot to ship the replacement wires they will get them out to you quickly.


Just for other people who may be searching the forums with the same issue related to the manual it’s posted on the website:


It seems every time they release a new machine there is quite a few issues. Poor assembly manuals has always been a thing here. Even when I got my shapeoko3 the pictures never matched other pictures and the instructions were horrible.

They also seem to have wiring issues in every new batch.

I also had issues with two holes not being threaded. But they were the ones holding the cable harness to the left gantry. I ended up using a sticky pad and some zip ties to get it to actually stay put.

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lol. every new flagship product is going to have some growing pains. its part of buying into the first iteration of something.


I totally agree, I debated about waiting a bit to get the early problems ironed out but in the end I’m glad I ordered when I did. The problems are not a big issue with me, I expected a few. To me the how the company responds to the issues is more important and Carbide’s customer service ha been outstanding to me over the last year.


To be honest, I knew I was one of the guinea pigs. It’s just depressing watching it sit there. . . lifeless lol.

That is fair. I’m planning on contacting support tomorrow. Their support has been pretty on point in the past. Hoping that holds up!

Do you all think it’s to be expected to buy a product (not a beta or prototype mind you) and have a bunch of issues with it? I think that’s really sad. Do you live in houses with leaky roofs and drive cars that fall apart? I didn’t think so. Just because they’re makers, there’s a process for product development. The issues I’ve seen with the 5 pro so far are pretty bad. Obviously, it’s still a beta product.


If what you said was true, then auto manufacturers wouldn’t offer warranties, let alone extended warranties for their cars. Same goes for homes and other manufactured goods.

The machine has a warranty, and we will do our best to work with you to resolve any difficulties which you might have.


And that’s what’s great about these machines is that they stand behind it. Just seems like things get rushed out the door sometimes. Not just Carbide3D. Onefinity is guilty of this as well.


There’s a difference between a warranty to cover things and sending a product out the door with missing parts and wiring that’s backwards. Cars get recalled for that stuff or are subject to lemon laws. My point is only that we should expect a product, one that costs several thousands of dollars, to come wired correctly, complete with all parts, and a manual. I think Carbide3D rushed the Pro 5 out the door due to competition from Onefinity.

Carbide3D is a great company and they stand by their product and have really good customer service! I think they need to pump the brakes and make sure everything is as close to perfect as possible before shipping it out. From what I’ve seen on the interwebs, there have been a lot of issues with the Pro 5. If you’re ok paying full price to be a beta tester, that’s totally fine. Ultimately, I want to see the Pro 5 succeed.

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The manual is at:

The balance of things will get addressed — please work w/ us on

This is why I said that. The manufacturing needs to fire the Quality Control person. We have the same kind of problems with each version.

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Well we got 19 more days (more like 16 more days in my mind) until she gets stuffed back in a box. Within that time there is 6 days of Saturdays + Sundays so that brings us down to 10 more usable days to get this thing running.

I already know William,

I will be here, available, alive and breathing everyday at 3:30 pm to 10:00 pm EST

The Issues that we are seeing with the Shapeoko 5 Pro are minor for a new product. I used to work for Apple, a company know for scrutinizing every detail prior to the release of a new product. Believe me, when I say every first run product had issues. Stick with it, Carbide 3D will take care of you.