Shapeoko 5 Problems So Far

I got the faith. This thing looks like a beast of a machine structurally. And I bought all the toys to go with it. Not to mention all the hours I put into the enclosure, so I’m fully invested.

Brought to you by Miller Lite it seems.


Looks awesome! How’s it working?

I’ve had every version of the iPhone. Never did it it come non-functional or even close. There were SMALL issues which were nearly always software related.

Again, I’m not trying to bash the machine, but it’s clear they rushed it out the door. I’m fully confident they will get it right in the end.

I respectfully appreciate your perspective
As one of the early people to receive an SO5:

  1. Wiring harness issues : Carbide3d overnighted new harnesses and updated the documentation
  2. Windows driver issues: Carbide3d released a firmware fix and posted instructions in the forum
  3. Carbide Motion issues: Carbide3d current software supports the SO5.

As someone who has opened a bunch of threads on these issues, I am super impressed at the responsiveness of the team and the community. The SO5 is one heck of a machine and I’m excited as the team works to unlock additional features.


Love the trailer jacks, what a great idea!


Anyone else having cut quality issues?

Support is still looking into it, just curious if i’m the only one

My retirement fund thanks you for your iPhone purchases, :slight_smile: I’m glad your Apple experience was positive. However, Apple dose ship DOA products. Every company does. This is why companies sterilize the component that go into their products so they can track back issues to the suppler/manufacturing stage. Best of luck to you. Hope your machine is up and running soon.

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I do understand that when someone drops several grand on a machine, they want it to work right away with minimal baloney. That’s totally natural and, frankly, a pretty reasonable expectation. While this is a new machine, it’s not C3D’s first rodeo. But quality companies offer warranties on their products, like C3D does in the case of the SO5. I have little doubt that they are going to make it right for this fellow and everyone else. (Assuming nothing crazy happens like a bankruptcy or something.) By all accounts, C3D has super responsive support mainly via the email address, but also on this and other fora. These kind of flame posts probably feel good to do when in the throws of frustration (and maybe they get attention from the company), but I’d give C3D a generous chance to make it right before I made a big scene in public like this. Just one person’s opinion.


I don’t see any “flame posts” on this thread. I’m sure that someone at C3D monitors this forum and change takes time. Without user’s complaints where would C3D be today?

The only reason for this whole thread is poor quality control, and that usually occurs when manufacturing has the QC function, and shipping is the next department after manufacturing.


I meant the original post itself, not the people replying. I hope he gets the machine straightened out. I see some new posts about it today . . .

Oh, I see. Joseph did use another word for “flame”, so that’s what triggered you to call it a “flame.” :smiley:

I wasn’t picking up on the flame part but I think your rite. This thread is warm if anything, far from toasty.

To keep things from getting anymore sour, I think it’s important to announce that costumer support has been. . . On Fire. . . in regards to solving my issue and I think that’s pretty sweet.


I only started testing mine this weekend and yes, I am seeing the same thing.


Welcome to the emotional support group. Your problems will have solutions and we are here for the in-between.

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“The inbetween” conjured up images of the waiting room in “Beetlejuice”.


I want to thank everybody for getting me through these tough times (especially customer support). I had to dedicate my first project to my wife for putting up with my moping around up to this point. So I gifted her with a brand new thing for our camper that everyone does a billion times ^100.

I’ll give back a little by saying, check your wire connections. Not just the plugs but the wires going into the plugs (give them a little tug and a push to make sure there in there). Don’t use GFCI outlets. This machine should be BUILT not assembled. Check everything, take your time and read the directions for yourself along with the YouTube video, don’t just use the YouTube video.

That’s all I got for now, thanks!


Glad you have it running.

Side note, I’ve run 5 different Shapeokos on a GFCI outlet over 4 years with no issues at all.

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The problem I keep seeing here having been a lurker for a few years now and recently more active, Is that the Support team picks up obscene amounts of slack for very questionable qc/qa and sales problems. Even years ago when I got my nomad the sales team was very very slow to reply to my emails. The support team was within hours. Then when I got an hdm it was a legit nightmare for a something thats supposed to be almost ready to run. Not answering calls, not replying to emails, beating around the bush on problems. It wasnt till I got support involved things moved and moved very fast. It should not be that way for the cost of these machines. Im curious as to if the new 5 pros are also shipped from the Illinois facility because that seemed to be the main problem with all the things I had wrong with my hdm. Missing parts when there is a part list thats supposed to be gone over as the last bit of handling the machine makes me think people are pencil whipping paper work to get things out the door. In this instance, missing multiple parts. I actually had suggested putting a qr code to the manuals printed right on the final inspection list as it would be almost zero effort, and zero paper waste to add.


Just put mine together bitsetter bolts to long on mine also ,my power pendent was broke and cord connector was also broke , z axis won’t hold up 2.2 kw spindle when power is off , can’t seem to get aftermarket VFD hooked up cause nothing is labeled as pwm and ground

Mine doesn’t hold up the C3D spindle. But that’s normal. That just means it doesn’t have friction, IE designed and assembled properly in this case.