Shapeoko 5 Zero Rapid Position issue

I’m trying to Zero the Shapeoko and every time i try to use the rapid position, the machine just goes home (Back Right). I can jog it with the arrow keys but I cannot use the rapid position. What am I doing wrong?

Depending on how old your machine is there have been some firmware updates for the SO5. It is possible you need to either update firmware or make sure you are using the most current Carbide Motion. For most Shapeoko machines the rapid positions are set up when you send the configuration of the machine. You are not really configuring the machine you are configuring Carbide Motion. The machine knows what it is but Carbide Motion does not know what you are attached to until you send the configuration. Sending the configuration tells Carbide Motion what kind of machine it is attached to and what accessories that machine has. The functions of the BitSetter or Bitrunner are software functions in Carbide Motion and when you create a toolpath the post processor in the CAD software adds the gcode commands to use those functions like the BitSetter or automatic spindle control (BitRunner).

Try sending the configuration and then try. If you problem persists then contact support to get some help.

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What do you have set for Travel Dimensions?

Have you configured the machine per:

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My shapeoko is brand new. Just put it together 2 days ago, and that’s when I downloaded the carbide motion. The build in the carbide motion is 579, I assume this is the latest version.
How do I send the configuration?

Nevermind brother. I should have play with it more. I figure out how to send the configuration and its working now. I really appreciate it

THANK YOU! specially for attaching the pictures, and making it dummy proof. its working now!!

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