Shapeoko Control using a Stream Deck?

If you didn’t see this over on my social feeds, Ive been doing some serious upgrades to my Shapeoko, and my favorite is using a Stream Deck for a pseudo control panel for UGS, I have found that it works with many other platforms that have macros and hotkeys, but I initially set this up for use with UGS but it will work with Carbide Motion CNCJS and a few others to name a few.

I am doing a full video to share the details, but for now, ill share this. enjoy!
yes, I plan to include the dust covers as well.

appreciate any feedback.


Very cool!

With keyboard mapping, it’s pretty easy to use pretty much anything for a controller — I use a Nintendo Wii Remote sometimes — just wish there was an easy way to map the Home button on the controller to the homing command. See:

This shortcut chart may be useful for folks doing this sort of thing: Carbide3D_create_motion_keyboard_shortcuts.pdf


Cool! I’ll watch it and check it out later when I have more time than to comment. I use UGS with my numpad on my wireless keyboard and love it.

Me want ! (well I’ll think about it, 150$ is still above my “impulse buy” threshold)
Would you mind sharing details about how easy/flexible it was to remap keys of the Stream Deck with UGS ? Does the stream deck SW allow to generate any arbitrary key combination for each button ?

streamdeck has lots of options to create nested menu systems, open apps and perform hotkeys (of any combination) as well as combine multiple operations (sequence of hot keys, apps, etc…) its quite pricey, but the cool factor is high and you can always change and customize the graphics/hotkeys as things change which justifies it for me.

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I wish the 6 key version were a bit more compact — it’s quite tempting to me for use when drawing (and wouldn’t’ve cost that much more than the D-Pad I got by purchasing an Azio Levetron Mech5 gaming keyboard — it was easier to justify though, since the keyboard itself is on my son’s gaming machine)

If possible add shortcut “Pause” (key P), and “Start” (key S) at CM for Nomad Pro.
I have projet to create an panel-pad for my machin Nomad Pro.

Yes, those shortcuts are on the run screen.

Ahhhh…just go totally nuts:

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I’ve been tempted to get one of these:

There’s no way that it’d work for me out of the box, though, and I have enough projects that need code and integration already.

Also, that’s way too much money for a joystick.

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Yeah, I picked up a Contour Design ShuttleXpress hoping to use it as a jog controller (it’s rebadged and sold thus by at least one manufacturer), but when it wouldn’t work for all the drawing key remappings I needed I gave it to my son to use for video editing.

Why is there no home keyboard shortcut in carbide motion? Is there a way to add one?

Don’t know why — suspect it’s a simplicity thing, check w/ @robgrz and @edwardrford and @Jorge

The only way I could think of to add one would be to use a macro system such as Autohotkey to switch to the MDI and send $H and then restore the state — really wish that the capability of every program was exposed using a scripting language such as AppleScript — that would make my life much easier.

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