Shapeoko Fusion 360, carbide motion Z axis issues

I am having issues with the z axis for my shapeoko and am wondering if there is a new post processor (or perhaps a working older version??) that fixes this. I do not remember having this problem a while ago. My naive interpretation is that the system reverts to the coordinate system of the design as opposed to the manufacturing.
Jogging all makes sense in terms of directions and values.

Simulation in fusion looks good— I zero on x,y,z on stock. The carbide motion agrees with my zeroing. I am doing multiple passes. The simulation shows it going down through the stock at the appropriate amounts. But when I I start my g code, the machine appears to plunge to the bottom of my stock (my design z=0)
Luckily I have only destroyed stock so far and nothing else.

One other thing I note, when I start the run, the z axis slams against the home stop,
however when the machine nominally goes home in carbide, it is much more gentle.




That may well be a known issue where if your retract setting in Fusion goes above the max height of the Z axis it misses steps and loses position.

Does this seem like what’s happening to you?