Shapeoko is Gone in Fusion 360 Manufacture Workspace

I have been successfully using Fusion 360 for several years now to generate .nc files for Carbide Motion/My Shapeoko. But now, after the most recent update, Shapeoko is gone from the machine list in the Manufacturing workspace. Has anyone else had this problem?

There is now a choice for a generic XYZ milling machine that would need to be set up with the correct parameters. If Autodesk doesn’t create an update that restores my old setup, what’s the best article to setting the correct parameters for a Shapeoko?

Hi Daniel,

you don’t really need to select a machine in Fusion360 to be able to generate G-code for it. Fusion360 recently introduced new Machine Simulation capabilities, which we discussed in that thread and @neilferreri even had a prototype running for Shapeoko 3D simulation, which was nice but ultimately…not immensely useful.

To the best of my knowledge, the post-processing part is unchanged so you should still be able to use a suitable post-processor for the Shapeoko (C3D’s or Neil’s), and just ignore the “machine list” (or select a generic machine to keep Fusion360 menus happy, but they won’t be used unless you tell it too, in the simulation mode)


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